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Tiago Oliveira

Tiago Oliveira is Assistant Professor at the NOVA IMS, Coordinator of the Information Management degree and Coordinator of the Ph.D. in Information Management by NOVA IMS and Universidade de São Paulo.

Tiago holds a PhD in Information Management from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

His research focus is Innovation diffusion (initiation, adoption, use, and value), working in model development for emerging IT and drivers of adoption of Internet, e-business, e-health, e-banking, m-banking, m-payments, e-government, e-participation adoption by citizens, ERP use and value, cloud computing adoption stages and cloud computing value.

Tiago has also authored more than 80 scientific articles in reference Journals and conference proceedings. Tiago also consults external entities, such as the EU for the development of a framework to improve the level of cross-border e-commerce within the European Union. Previously, Tiago worked in the Telecommunications sector.