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Week 1 [Dias 1 e 2]

Módulos: Business Strategy and Digital Transformation

Módulo Docente Horas
Digital Transformation and Data-driven Organizations Fernando Bação 1,5
Servitization, XaaS – Everything as a Service and IoT – Internet of Things Pedro Ruivo 1,5
What is the Digital Maturity of your organization? Gabriel Coimbra 1,5
Methodologies for Business and Digital Transformation Jorge Carrola Rodrigues 1,5
Technology Trends I – Big Data and Business Strategy José Crespo de Carvalho 1,5
Case-Study “Burberrys” Jorge Carrola Rodrigues 1,5
TOTAL (horas) 9

Week 2 [Dias 3 e 4]

Módulos: Consumer Trends, Customer Centricity and Digital Innovation

Módulo Docente Horas
New Customer Journey and Business Paths Catherine Silveira 1,5
Omnichannel Strategy Jorge Velosa 1,5
The New Marketing: SOLOMO ["Social", “Local”, "Mobile“] and Social Media Monitoring Pedro Janela 3
How people and organizations adopt and use new technologies Tiago Oliveira 1,5
Project: Build your Digital Transformation Plan Jorge Carrola Rodrigues 1,5
TOTAL (horas) 9

Week 3 [Dias 5 e 6]

Módulos: Creating Value and Innovation Capability in Business Transformation

Módulo Docente Horas
The VCW "Value Creation Wheel" methodology for value creation and innovation in business transformation Luís Filipe Lages 6
Case-Studies of VCW application
Practical work with the VCW methodology
Technology Trends II – Anaytics for Business Development and Transformation Miguel de Castro Neto 1,5
Project: Build your Digital Transformation Plan Jorge Carrola Rodrigues 1,5
TOTAL (horas) 9

Week 4 [Dias 7 e 8]

Módulos: Change Management and Digital Innovation Adoption

Módulo Docente Horas
Design Thinking and business transformation Guilherme Vitorino 6
Design Thinking digital transformation toolkit
Design Thinking in practice
Digital Maturity organization results and roadmap Gabriel Coimbra 1,5
Digital Transformation Project: wrap-up, discussions and roadmap plan Jorge Carrola Rodrigues 1,5
TOTAL (horas) 9