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Some examples of research projects with national or international entities:

1. ECSI Portugal - National Customer Satisfaction Index, for several industries and companies in various activity sectors;
2. Statistical Sectioning of the National Territory, under the 2011 Information Reference Geographical Database, for INE - Statistics Portugal;
3. SportGIS (development of the National Sport Atlas of Mozambique) , for Centro de Informação Geográfica da Universidade Católica de Moçambique (CIG-UCM);
4. Traffic Flow Management Information System (Automatization and management of transportation data flows), for Vimeca Transportes - Viação Mecânica de Carnaxide, Lda.
5. SAL Imagens - Image Georeferencing to Assist Licensing, for CCDR Algarve;
6. Licensing Assistance Within the Framework of the Preparation of the River Raisin Watershed Management Plan of the Hydrographic Region of Algarve, for Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente;
7. ECSI Hospitals - Evaluation System of the Perceived Quality and Satisfaction of Patients with Public Hospitals, for several public hospitals;
8. Study to Assess the Quality and Satisfaction with the Online Service, for INPI – Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial, I.P.;
9. niuGIS – Advanced Platform for Harmonization of Geographic Information, for Novageo Solutions, S.A;
10. ZoomAzores Project (development and implementation of an internet portal associated with a mapping service - WebGIS - applied to nature and adventure tourism in Azores), for Associação Regional de Turismo - Turismo dos Açores (ART);

Some examples of projects funded in national and international competitive calls:

1. GeoSOM - Geographical Self Organization Map (attempt to adapt Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) in order to consider the spatial nature of geographic data), financed by FCT;
2. How Service Incidents Change Customer-Firm Relationships, financed by FCT;
3. SuGIK - Sustainable Geographic Information Knowledge Transfer for Postgraduate Education (Institutional cooperation project in postgraduate education in Geographic Information Science), financed by African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP);
4. Nova Intell (Development of specific solutions for the Portuguese language in the areas of information structuring, relationships analysis and Competitive Intelligence), financed by AdI - Agência de Inovação, S.A.;
5. TIGER Capacity Building Facility (project that aims to support the research activities of African researchers so that they can develop scientific skills and the technical capacity for a better use of the Earth observation technology, specifically to assess and monitor the status of water resources in Africa), financed by European Space Research Institute (ESRIN);
6. ExTTI - Excellence in ICT use for learning purposes (institutional cooperation project for the use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education), financed by African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP);
7. LANDYN - Land Use and Cover Change in Continental Portugal: Characterization, Driving Forces and Future Scenarios, financed by FCT;
8. Innovation Networks in Portugal: Flow Intensity, Knowledge Spillovers and Firm Performances (project that intends to contribute to a better understanding of innovation in Portugal), financed by FCT;
9. MoNetCom - Modernization of Master Program NETWORKS & COMMUNICATIONS (project that aimed at modernizing the currently existing Master program that was being implemented in two partner universities: the Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Federal University of Siberia), financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA);
10. Euro-Mediterranean Integration Through Lifelong Learning (EU-MILL - the main objective is to contribute to support the HEIs in the Southern Neighborhood area (SNa) in establishing a lifelong learning (LLL) policy, as a key element for social cohesion and economic development, financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA);

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