Fernando Lucas Bação

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Fernando Bação


Fernando Bacao, Associate Professor,
Doctor in Information Management (Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal)


Telephone: 213828610
Fax: 213828611
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the field of knowledge discovery in databases (KDD). In this context, I'm interested in understanding how can Self-Organizing Maps and Visual Analytics improve decision-making processes and knowledge extraction from large databases. Most of my work has been in the application of these tools in the context of spatial/temporal data. I've also worked in assessing the role of IT in the development process, both for countries and organisations. The aim has been to understand and measure the drivers of the digital divide. Currently, I'm interested in the role of big data in the development of smarter cities and communities. As part of my research work I've developed or helped develop some software pieces, such as the GeoSOM Suite. The GeoSOM Suite (developed with Roberto Henriques and Victor Lobo) enables users to experiment with different types of SOM's, including specific variants developed to process spatial data. The software gives the user the opportunity to access different types of analysis in a dynamic fashion. The GeoSOM Suite is freely available for download here.

Five Recent Publications

    • 1) Hugo Costa, Hugo Carrão, Fernando Bação, Mario Caetano "Combining per-pixel and object-based classifications for mapping land cover over large areas", International Journal of Remote Sensing, Volume 35, Issue 2, 2014.
    • 2) Frederico Cruz-Jesus, Tiago Oliveira, Fernando Bacao "Digital Divide across the European Union", Information & Management 49 (6), 278-291.
    • 3) Henriques, R., F. Bacao and V. Lobo (2012). "Exploratory geospatial data analysis using the GeoSOM suite." Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 36(3): 218-232.
    • 4)Moreira, F., Catry, F.X., Rego, F., Bação, F. (2010) "Size-dependent pattern of wildfire ignitions in Portugal: where do big fires start?" Lanscape Ecology, Volume: 25, Issue: 9, Pages: 1405-1417.
    • 5) Catry, F. X., Rego, F. C., Bação, F., Moreira, F. (2009) "Modelling and mapping wildfire ignition risk in Portugal". International Journal of Wildland Fire, Volume: 18, Issue: 8, Pages: 921-931.
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