Pedro da Costa Cabral

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Pedro Cabral


Pedro Cabral, Assistant Professor (currently on research leave),
Doctor in Mathematics and Applications to Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris, France).
I am currently making a post-doc in UMR-AMURE, Brest, France.


Telephone: 213828610
Fax: 213828611
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interests

I have performed research within urban modelling (with focus on urban growth) and coastal systems. In this research studies I have used several spatial modelling techniques (multi-criteria analysis, cellular automata, etc.) as well as object based image analysis of remote sensing data. I have been guest editor of a special issue about entropy in urban systems (Entropy journal) and I am on the editorial board of the Journal of Urban Planning and Development (ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineering). I have recently published a paper of database modelling in the context of Inspire. In my current post-doc period in UMR AMURE (Brest, France), my research concentrates on spatial models for marine and terrestrial ecosystem services.

Five Recent Publications

    • 1) Cabral P, Levrel H, Schoenn J, Thiébaut E, Le Mao P, Mongruel R, Rollet C, Dedieu K, Carrier S, Morisseau F, Daures F. In press. Marine habitats ecosystem service potential: a vulnerability approach in the Normand-Breton (Saint Malo) Gulf, France. In Press. Ecosystem Services, Elsevier.
    • 2) Cabral P, Augusto G, Tewolde M, Araya Y. Entropy in Urban Systems (2013), Entropy, 15, 5223-5236.
    • 3) Medeiros R. and Cabral P. (2013). Dynamic modeling of urban areas for supporting integrated coastal zone management in the South Coast of São Miguel Island, Azores (Portugal). Journal of Coastal Conservation, 17(4):815-811.
    • 4) Nuno Martins, Delta Silva, Pedro Cabral (2012). Social Vulnerability Assessment to Seismic Risk using Multicriteria Analysis. The case study of Vila Franca do Campo (São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal). Natural Hazards, 62(2):384-404.
    • 5) Cabral, P., Santos, A. J. and Augusto, G. (2011). Monitoring Urban Sprawl and National Ecological Reserve in Sintra-Cascais, Portugal: a multiple OLS linear regression model evaluation. Journal of Urban Planning and Development - ASCE, 137(3), 346.
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