Tiago Oliveira

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Tiago Oliveira


Tiago Oliveira, Assistant Professor,
Doctor in Information Management (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)


Telephone: +351213828610
Fax: +351213828 611
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interests

My research is driven by the vision to marry information technology (IT) with the process of innovation diffusion (initiation, adoption, use, and value) across all adoption units (individuals, firms, and societies). With this research I intend to shed transcending on the most important antecedents of IT innovation, being capable of developing new toolkits for emerging IT. In the last five years I have worked on IT adoption models. For individuals as adoption units, I am interested in understanding what drives the adoption of e-health, e-banking, m-banking, and m-payments. At firm-level, I first focused on Internet adoption, followed by e-business adoption, enterprise resource planning (ERP) use and value (in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation), cloud computing adoption stages, and cloud computing value (also with Microsoft Corporation). I am also interested in assessing the role of IT in the development of countries and understanding the digital divide. Presently, I am with the European Commission in the development of a framework for improving the level of cross-border e-commerce within the European Union.

Five Recent Publications

  • 1) Oliveira, T., Thomas M. & Espadanal, M. (2014) Assessing the determinants of cloud computing adoption: An analysis of the manufacturing and services sectors. Information & Management, 51, 497-510.
  • 2) Martins, C, Oliveira, T. & Popovič, A. (2014) Understanding the Internet banking adoption: An unified theory of acceptance and use of technology and perceived risk application. International Journal of Information Management, 34(1), 1-13.
  • 3) Miltgen, C. L., Popovič A. & Oliveira, T. (2013) Determinants of end-user acceptance of Biometrics: Integrating the "Big 3" of technology acceptance with privacy context. Decision Support Systems, 53, 103-114.
  • 4) Cruz-Jesus, F., Oliveira, T. and Bacao F. (2012). Digital Divide across the European Union. Information & Management, 49, 278-291.
  • 5) Oliveira, T. & Martins, M. F. (2010) Understanding e-business adoption across industries in European countries. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 110(9), 1337-1354.  
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