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MagIC is a Research Center focused on harnessing information to improve organizations and society in general. MagIC’s main objective is to contribute to the advance of the field of information management, and it is committed to improve information usability, reliability, and credibility. Being a fundamental asset in any development strategy for the 21st century, information is still a somewhat elusive concept that warrants massive research in order to be used as an effective organizational asset. There is the need to improve the understanding of information properties as an asset, and also create and develop the appropriate methodologies for its management. The ability to improve efficiency, develop new business models, surpass investment limitations are among the promises that effective information management might offer organizations and societies. Nevertheless, it seems clear that our ability to capture and store data has not yet been matched by the ability to transform it into actionable and relevant information. Moreover, the coming barrage of big data will only make this problem more obvious, while presenting new and harder challenges. These challenges constitute the focus of our research.

The R&D center team is composed of 13 integrated member and 13 associated members and several PhD students.

We are organized around 3 Thematic Lines (TL) that support the alignment and collaboration amongst researchers:

MagIC is essentially an applied research center, thus a significant part of the funding is secured through research collaborations with the industry. We seek to make our knowledge available to the community, bridging the gap between theory and practice. European and FCT funding also play an important role in the overall funding of the center.


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