Summer Course: Storytelling with Data

From data modelling to information visualization

International Summer Program

Join us in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal for a new international summer program, “Storytelling with Data.” In today’s business world, there is a significant new domain that is emerging called ‘Data Science.’ Data Science encompasses big data, data analytics, data mining, and other related concepts and technologies. Many high-profile global companies are rapidly investing in this area in order to leverage the power of data science for their critical business operations and markets.

This is a compact 4-week-long summer program that will utilize lectures, labs, seminars, and site visits to deliver its learning outcomes. It will be held at the world's best-ranked Business Intelligence Masters Program(1), NOVA Information Management School (Lisbon, Portugal) and the instructors are Prof. Miguel de Castro Neto (NOVA IMS) and Prof. Kyungsub Stephen Choi (Rhode Island College, U.S.).

There are no prerequisites. This introductory undergraduate program carries two academic units (6 ECTS / 3 US credits each), including classes, labs, field visits to leading Portuguese and global companies, and seminars with renowned experts and start-ups.

(1) Ranking EDUNIVERSAL 2017

Faculty Message


"As the digital transformation moves on and analytical capabilities deliver competitive advantages to fact-based decision-making organizations, I believe mastering data storing and retrieval is a cornerstone for developing any data-driven business process, product or service, as well as to support giving decision makers the insights they need with modern real time interactive dashboards for information visualization."

Professor Miguel de Castro Neto, NOVA Information Management School


"There is an old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words." It is easier and quicker for human brain in acquiring a message thru a picture or image than reading a long letter. This has been with man’s history since the cavemen’s drawing. In today’s business world with time-to-market pressure and ever changing business climate, this message-delivery-thru-an-image technique works quite effectively. Not only this is effective, but this also provides many different angles to evaluate a problem. One may discover important insights to a problem that were “hidden” under conventional numbers and tables."

Professor Kyungsub Stephen Choi, Rhode Island College

Note: Students from North-American universities are required to apply through the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) program.