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Workshop GEOINT

GEOINT in Action - Lessons learned: GEOINT examples and trends

December 13th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Senate Room, NOVA’s Rectory

This workshop will include an overview of GEOINT as practiced in the USA, with an end-goal of informing the audience about the state of GEOINT practice: how and where GEOINT is practiced within levels of (local, state, federal) U.S. government as well as Internationally using the International Charter as a backdrop. We will show multiple examples of GEOINT in action, including first responder and disaster response case studies.

Finally, we will discuss the challenges with both Educating and Training current and future GEOINT experts and will engage the workshop participants in a discussion about needs within the Portuguese GEOINT workforce.

The entrance is free but registration is mandatory and is limited the number of seats available.