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Detalhe da Disciplina
Curso: Mestrado em Métodos Analíticos Avançados
Unidade curricular: Armazenamento e Recuperação de Dados
Semestre: Outono
Número de créditos: 4,0
Mijail Naranjo-Zolotov
 (Docente responsável)

Nuno Tiago Falcão Alpalhão
 (Docente responsável)

Número de horas de aula por semana: 1.50
Objetivos da unidade curricular:

Today, data is everywhere and come in different shapes and volumes, in structured and unstructured forms. Companies need to store and manage these data using appropriate data management or database technologies for the success of their business processes. In the Storing and Retrieving Data course, students will get familiar with the architecture of a DBMS, the process of database modelling and normalization, the implementation of a relational database using SQL language (theoretical and practical), use of advance SQL objects as Views and Triggers, integration of different data sources using ETL operations, and the advantages and disadvantages of SQL and NoSQL databases.

Requisitos de frequência:

The lectures, group discussions, reading materials, quizzes, and exams will be all in English language. Although not mandatory, the students should have a proficient English language skills.

Língua de ensino: Português. Em caso de existirem alunos ou professores estrangeiros, as aulas serão dadas em Inglês.