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Detalhe da Disciplina
Curso: Pós-Graduação em Análise e Gestão de Informação
Unidade curricular: Análise de Redes Sociais
Semestre: Outono
Número de créditos: 3,5
Flávio Pinheiro
 (Docente responsável)

Número de horas de aula por semana: 2.00
Objetivos da unidade curricular:

The structure and organization of real-world systems ¿ physical, ecological, and social ¿ is often better represented through the set relationships between its building. In fact, many dynamical problems that occur on social systems ¿ such as disease spreading, opinion formation, information cascades, and behavior adoption ¿ can only be truly understood after one considers the underlying structure of relationships between its agents/actors. In that sense, Network Science presents a powerful set of methodologies to abstract and think about network problems, and to extract meaningful and actionable information for a wide range of applications.

In the Social Network Analysis curricular unit, we will focus on the vast accumulated knowledge that resulted from the application of Network Science methods to study problems in the realm of Social Sciences. Hence, during the 7 weeks of this Curricular Unit students will learn about the fundamentals of Network Science, understand how it can be used in social sciences, and understand how social networks shape the diffusion of different types of information. A special focus will be placed on applications to Marketing such as Influencer detection and individual targeting. 

Requisitos de frequência:

The curricular unit does not have technical enrollment requirements.

Classes will be taught in English, and as such students are expected to have a good comprehension and communication of English.

Língua de ensino: Português. Em caso de existirem alunos ou professores estrangeiros, as aulas serão dadas em Inglês.