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Detalhe da Disciplina
Curso: Pós - Graduação em Enterprise Data Science and Analytics
Unidade curricular: Programming for Data Science
Semestre: Primavera
Número de créditos: 7,5
Número de horas de aula por semana: 2.00
Objetivos da unidade curricular:

The Programming for Data Science course unit aims at introducing the basics of programming in Python for Data Scientists. The course is oriented to students that do not have any experience in computer programming, starting from the very basics of computation. However, the course will rapidly evolve towards advanced programming techniques and concepts. In this way, at the end of this course unit, the students will be able to effectively approach complex problems, typically characterized by vast amounts of data, programming efficient strategies to extract information and support decision-making processes.

Classes will involve a mix of lectures and practical exercises. Moreover, the course will have a strong active learning component, as such students are expected to actively participate in the class and read the recommended materials prior to each class. A short introduction to Python will be delivered in the first weeks of the course to enable students to explore and practice many of the theoretical concepts taught in the classes.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Explain why python is the preferred programming language for Data Scientists;
  • Understand the basics of python programming language;
  • Use the most adequate libraries for your needs;
  • Perform the extraction, manipulation, analysis, modeling, and reporting of data using Python
  • Feel Comfortable using Python as a tool for your data science projects!
Requisitos de frequência:


Língua de ensino: Português. Em caso de existirem alunos ou professores estrangeiros, as aulas serão dadas em Inglês.