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Call for Applications - Cursos de Fevereiro

Call for Applications

The call for applications to NOVA IMS' Postgraduate Programs starting in February is open until November 17th. See here the list of Programs in application.

Business Analytics for Hospitality and Tourism image

Business Analytics for Hospitality and Tourism

The Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics for Hospitality and Tourism aims to prepare professionals capable of participating actively in the development and application of analytical models for tourism, combining the various areas involved in tourism with a cross-cutting edge approach to data science to leverage them.

Call for Applications
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Digital Enterprise Management

The Postgraduate Program in Digital Enterprise Management is designed to prepare managers and professionals for digital transformation and business, providing them with knowledge of the latest technologies available in an increasingly complex information management scenario and the preparation of organizational culture, human resources, and processes.

Call for Applications
Enterprise Data Science & Analytics image

Enterprise Data Science & Analytics

Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the Postgraduate Program in Enterprise Data Science & Analytics will present the methodologies and tools that will transform data into information, on which enterprises can base strategic information on entering new markets, launching new product or service lines, optimizing processes, transforming business models and, generally, competing in a market increasingly driven by data-driven decisions. 

Call for Applications
Intelligence Management and Security image

Intelligence Management and Security

The program in Intelligence Management and Security will respond to challenges posed by the new agenda of international security and defense and the information culture, facing conflicts of interest of the institutions, resulting from the challenges posed by the new framework of international security and the globalization. This postgraduate program on Intelligence Management and Security provides skills on analytical tools and presents methodologies to evaluate, manage, and make decisions in complex security and defense international contexts, which requires the understanding of the political, diplomatic, economic, and social regional framework.

The Program gives access to the Geospatial Intelligence Certificate (GEOINT), accredited by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

Call for Applications
Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare image

Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare

The Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare aims to train managers and healthcare professionals who wish to use information and knowledge management to promote the competitiveness of healthcare organizations. The program covers a wide range of topics, from health policy and strategy to information systems and data science to prepare future leaders in a dynamic and complex industry. The main focus is to provide practical skills and tools that support innovation, processes improvement, and better decision making based on analytical and BI tools.

Call for Applications