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Health and Insurance


Health and Insurance

Students from the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland have access to public health in Portugal through the European Health Insurance Card.

Nationals of countries outside the European Union that have health agreements with Portugal, will also be able to access the Portuguese public health system without paying any fee or at a reduced cost. Currently, some of the countries with an agreement established with Portugal include Andorra, Brazil, Cape Verde and Morocco.

However, Brazil has an agreement that provides Brazilian citizens, tourists or those with temporary residence visas, the right to medical and hospital assistance (emergency or regular) and medicines. To access these benefits, it is necessary to present the Certificate of Right to Medical Assistance (CDAM).

Only Brazilian people who are affiliated to PIS or PASEP, can enjoy this benefit.

Before traveling to Portugal, the interested party can request a PB-4 form.

Students from outside the European Union will have to opt for the private health system and must make sure, before their departure, that they have health insurance whose scope covers this type of stay. However, there are many private clinics and hospitals in the country, at affordable prices. For a general medicine consultation, it’s not common to pay over 40/50€, for example.