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BACK2CAMPUS: Celebration

30 Oct, 2020
Campus de Campolide

BACK2CAMPUS: Celebration

Event Wrap Up

On October 30th, the "BACK2CAMPUS" celebration, organized by NOVA IMS, took place at the Rectory of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The afternoon and evening were marked by memorable performances, ranging from the Talent Show, which featured amazing presentations by members of the NOVA IMS community, to the performance by TUIMS (NOVA IMS Academic Musical Group) and a contagious concert by the band HMB!  The event was also attended by DJTHEN.

During the evening, the winners of the 2nd NOVA IMS Photography Competition – "People, Images and Data" – were announced.

  • 30102021 DSC 8035
  • 30102021 DSC 8131
  • 30102021 DSC 8144
  • 30102021 DSC 8201
  • 30102021 DSC 8337
  • 30102021 V2 04079
  • 30102021 V2 04252
  • 30102021 V2 04357
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General Information


At 6 p.m. in the space in front of the Rectory Building – Free Entry

Street Food. Drinks. Music with DJTHEN.

At 8 p.m. in the NOVA Rectroy Auditorium – Paid Entry

  • Talent Show by NOVA IMS with the special participation of: Dinis Melo, Gonçalo Mena, Jorge Neves, Leonardo
    Vanneschi, Maria João Marques, Miguel Hilário, Sílvia Alves, Vitor Lobo;
  • Announcement of the 2nd NOVA IMS Photography Contest "People, Images and Data" winners;
    • Break- Performance by the NOVA IMS TUIMS (Glee Club), Street Food, Drinks (in front of the Rectory Building);
  • Performance by the band HMB.