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NOVA IMS Challenge: Applica-te

02 Jun, 2021

NOVA IMS Challenge: Applica-te

NOVA IMS Challenge: Applica-te 2021 final presentations will be held on June 2nd, at 2:00 p.m.

This is the 6th edition of NOVA IMS Challenge: Applica-te, an ideas contest targeting students from the 7th grade to the 12th grade. The challenge consists of developing an app aimed at achieving one of the “17 Objectives of the Sustainable Development”. The number of participating schools has been growing considerably all over the country.

Support and Funding

Informações Gerais

The projects selected for the final are as follows:

3rd Cycle

  • L2M Action // Salesianos do Estoril - Estoril          
  • Shopping Footprint // Colégio São João de Brito - Lisboa
  • Education 4 All // Colégio São João de Brito - Lisboa
  • Miseness // Agrupamento de Escolas Gualdim Pais - Pombal
  • B de Bombásticas // Escola Básica Dr. José Neves Júnior - Faro

Secondary Education

  • Go Green // Colégio Guadalupe - Lisboa
  • GerAções // Escola Secundária de Cascais - Cascais
  • Lightbook // Externato Marista de Lisboa - Lisboa
  • Tutti // Agrupamento de Escolas Madeira Torres – Torres Vedras
  • Mentor // Salesianos de Lisboa - Lisboa

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Event Wrap Up

NOVA IMS CHALLENGE – Applica-te 2021

The future can only be brought about by action taken by each and all of us and the participants of NOVA IMS CHALLENGE proved it once again.

The 6th edition of NOVA IMS CHALLENGE – Applica-te 2021 took place on 2nd June and its great victors were:

3rd Cycle

  • 1st place in the Competition: Education 4 All // Project: LOT - Leaders of Tomorrow // Participants: Maria Gonçalves (secondary education) // School: Colégio São João de Brito // City: Lisbon
  • 2nd place in the Competition: Miseness // Project: STUDYGRAM // Participants: Iara Rodrigues Oliveira (secondary education), Madalena Rodrigues Ribeiro (secondary education) // School: Agrupamento de Escolas Gualdim Pais // Town/City: Pombal
  • 3rd place in the Competition: B de Bombásticas // Project: The future in our hands - the game // Participants: Cora Rodrigues Trincheiras (secondary education, 8th grade), Denisa Estefania Reimer (secondary education, 8th grade), Diana Madeira da Silva (secondary education, 8th grade) // School: Escola Básica Dr. José Neves Júnior // City: Faro
  • Special Mention:
    Shopping Footprint // Project: Shopping Footprint // Participants: Francisco Araújo Vieira Cassiano Santos (secondary Education, 8th grade) // School: Colégio São João de Brito Lisboa // City: Lisboa

Secondary education

  • 1st place: Lightbook // Project: Lightbook // Participants: Marta Guilherme Lourenço (12th grade), Marta Schneider Carrilho (12th grade), Tomás Castanheira Ribeiro Amaral Ramos (12th grade) // School: Externato Marista de Lisboa // City: Lisbon
  • 2nd place: GerAções// Projeto: GerAções // Participants: Alexandra Fernandes, Rita Monteiro // School: Cascais Secondary School // City: Cascais 
  • 3rd place: MENTOR // Project: MENTOR // Participants: António Bernardo Gonçalves Meixedo (12th grade) // School: Salesianos de Lisboa // City: Lisboa