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Happiness, Synergy and Well-Being Office


Happiness, Synergy and Well-Being Office

The Office for Happiness, Synergy, and Well-Being, created in 2020, aims to ensure that approaches directed at attracting, retaining, and developing talent, motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic), satisfaction, loyalty, happiness, and well-being of NOVA IMS teachers and employees are pursued, renewed and consolidated.

Through a culture of trust, where interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships are perceived as safe and healthy, independently of the hierarchical level of each one, it is possible to understand what the NOVA IMS employees and teachers value most, always in a co-constructive process, so that together we can define areas and priorities for action.

The main functions of this Office, a pioneer in the context of Higher Education in Portugal, are the following:

  • To supervise and monitor the degree of satisfaction and happiness of employees and teaching staff;
  • To draw up and propose action plans arising from the results of satisfaction questionnaires and environment and satisfaction studies;
  • To propose and implement an annual plan of initiatives inducing the improvement of the happiness of NOVA IMS employees and teaching staff;
  • To identify possible problems that negatively interfere with employee experiences and solve them promptly;
  • To reinforce and prioritize best practices that promote happiness at work;
  • To promote the understanding of the NOVA IMS vision, facilitating the necessary communication flows to balance the strategic and operational levels;
  • To provide a more positive and happier work environment through the existence of a feedback culture where employees and leaders are open to dialogue;
  • Propose measures for harmonizing a professional, personal and professional life balance;
  • To launch, energize and manage the participative budget;
  • To produce and dynamize the NOVA IMS newsletter with contents drafted by teachers and employees;
  • To plan, organize, and manage training and raise awareness on themes related to power skills, self-knowledge, and personal development;
  • To plan, organize, and foster moments of fraternization and celebration of important dates;
  • To conceive, manage and promote exhibitions and contests that involve the participation of employees and teachers.