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Erasmus Incoming

Dear students,

Welcome to Lisbon!

This is the place and time for discoveries for you as it was for the Portuguese sailors in the 15th and 16th centuries. This is an outstanding opportunity to define what will be your academic, professional and personal future. You will experience how it's like to study abroad with students and professors from several countries and, at the same time, to discover one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world. This is, as it was for many others before, your opportunity to go global!

I and all NOVA IMS staff will make our best to make this an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Besides the professors that will teach many curricular units in English and will do their best to help you on your integration, you will also receive support from our very efficient team of non-academic staff to help you to familiarize with NOVA IMS facilities (e.g., library, labs, study halls, canteen, etc.). I will be personally available for any practical or technical problem you might have during your stay. You will also be able to count with the excellent support of Ms. Ana Sousa and other people from the Erasmus Office for any bureaucratic or organizational problem.

You will have the opportunity to study in an Institution that cares highly with the quality of teaching, research and all provided services. I am sure this is the right place for anyone who ambitions a good education and an unforgettable personal experience that will, hopefully, be remembered for a long time.

I hope you enjoy Lisbon, NOVA IMS and Portugal!

Best regards,

Pedro Cabral
Erasmus Coordinator of NOVA IMS