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Study Plan

1st Semester at NOVA IMS

Course Units ECTS Type of Course
Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization 7,5 Elective
Remote Sensing 7,5 Elective
Spatial Statistics 7,5 Elective
Geospatial Data Mining 7,5 Elective
Group Project Seminar on Programming and Analysis 5 Mandatory
Portuguese 4 Elective
Geographic Information Science 7,5 Mandatory

2nd Semester at University of Münster (WWU)

Course Units ECTS Type of Course
Core Topics in GI Science 2 Mandatory
Geonformatics Forum 1 Mandatory
Geonformatics Forum Discussion Group 1 Mandatory
Study Project 1 Elective
Programming in GI 5 Elective
Location-Based Services 5 Elective
Spatial Cognition 5 Elective
Reference Systems for GI 5 Elective
From Data to Knowledge 5 Mandatory
Applied Geospatial Technologies 5 Elective
Advanced Digital Cartography 5 Elective
Research Methods in GI Science 3 Mandatory
Project Management / Geomundus Conference 3 Mandatory

3rd Semester at NOVA IMS, WWU or UJI

Course Units ECTS
Master Thesis 28
Thesis follow up 2