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Living in Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, a country with more than nine hundred years of history, provides its visitors not only many of places to visit, like monuments, museums, historic neighborhoods, but also things to do, like enjoy the nightlife of Bairro Alto, going to fado houses (fado is the traditional music of Portugal) or tasting the magnificent Portuguese cuisine, among many other experiences you can have in the city.

In Lisbon, you can also admire the architecture, which is a result of many cultural influences of people that stayed in Portugal's territory throughout its history.

However, the main architectural styles are the Manueline, the Portuguese version of the Gothic, and Pombal, a mixture of Baroque and Neoclassicism, evolved when reconstructing the city after the great earthquake of 1755. But the city does not simply dwell in the past: Lisbon has a lot of modern and contemporary buildings, you will certainly enjoy!

If you're staying through the summer, you can go to the beaches of Cascais and Ericeira where you can surf and/or practice other water sports! Enjoy the great portuguese weather; it's one of a kind!

If you enjoy the nightlife, you will have a lot of fun in Bairro Alto, which is the city's most iconic spot, with several restaurants, bars and fado houses to spend a great night with friends.


The NOVA University has three student residences: two are located in Lisbon (Alfredo de Sousa Residence) and Residence Lumiar, and one in Costa de Caparica (Residence Fraústo da Silva).

These residences host Portuguese scholarship students and foreign students of exchange programs.

Since the number of openings in the residences is limited, there are always options like rental (a house or a bedroom), or staying at a Youth Hostel in Lisbon.

About Lisbon

Weather in Portugal

  January / March April / June July / September October / December
Water Temperature 17,1 °C - 62,8 °F 21,8 °C- 71,2 °F 26,3 °C- 79,3 °F 17,2 °C- 53 °F
Sea Water Temperature 17,1 °C- 62,8 °F 17,5 °C- 63,5 °F 19,5 °C- 67,1 °F 17,2 °C- 53 °F

Monthly Living Costs

To prepare your staying in Lisbon, as a NOVA student, we present you the average monthly budget:

Indicative Budget Average Monthly

Accommodation (Residences, rouse/room rental, hostels, etc.) 150€ - 500€
Food 150€ - 200€
Transports (subway and/or bus monthly cards) 50€
University (books, school supplies) 50€
Total 450€ - 800€

Our Suggestions


  • “São Jorge” Castle
  • Museums and parks
  • The legendary “A Brasileira” coffee shop
  • “Fado” houses
  • Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré for the nightlife
  • Belém
  • Cascais beaches
  • Sintra


  • Portuguese cuisine
  • “Pastéis de Belém”, a delicious custard pie
  • Santa Justa Elevator
  • “Santos Populares” in June
  • Ride the tramcars all over the city (Tram 28)
  • Explore the seven hills and the miradouros