Manuel José Vilares

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Manuel José Vilares


Manuel Vilares ,Full Professor ,
Post-doc in Econometrics (NOVA, Lisbon)


Telephone: 213828610
Fax: 213828611
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Manuel Vilares is currently a Full Professor at NOVA IMS and a Management Consultant at the Bank of Portugal. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Porto and is a Doctor D'Etat in Sciences Economiques from the University of Dijon. He also has an Aggregation in Econometrics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. From his professional career, he stands out as Chairman of the Restructuring Commission of the National Statistical System and President of the National Statistical Institute. He was also a senior adviser to the European Commission on statistics and economics. Manuel Vilares is the author of several articles and books published in Portugal and abroad, in the areas of statistics, econometrics, economics and consumer behavior, with particular emphasis on customer satisfaction and loyalty models.


Journal Article

  • Coelho, P.S., & Vilares, M. (2010). Measuring the Return of Quality Investments. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 21(1), 21-42.


  • Coelho, P., & Vilares, M. (2011). A Satisfação e Lealdade do Cliente: Metodologias de Gestão, Avaliação e Análise (2ª ed.). Lisboa: Escolar Editora.
  • Pinho, P., & Vilares, M. (2009). A Avaliação das Grandes Obras Públicas: o Caso do Metro do Porto. Porto: Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto.
  • Vilares, M., Coelho, P. S., & Esteves, S. (2009). Satisfação do Cliente-Resultados dos sectores 2008. Lisboa: IPQ.
  • Vilares, M., Coelho, P. S., & Esteves, S. (2008). Satisfação do Cliente-Resultados dos sectores 2007. Lisboa: IPQ.

Book Section

  • Vilares, M., & Coelho, P. S. (2011). Measuring the Return of Quality Investments in Mobile Telecommunications Network. In J. P. e. Maicas (Ed.), Mobile Telecommunications (pp. 113-130). Rijeka, Croatia: Intech.
  • Vilares, M. J., Almeida, M. H., & Coelho, P. S. (2010). Comparison of Likelihood and PLS Estimators for Structural Equation Modeling: A Simulation with Customer Satisfaction Data. In V. Esposito Vinzi, W. W. Chin, J. Henseler & H. Wang (Eds.), Handbook of Partial Least Squares (pp. 289-305). Berlin: Springer.

Conference Proceeding

  • Vilares, M., & Coelho, P. S. (2013). Likelihood and PLS Estimators for Structural Equation Modeling: An Assessment of Sample Size, Skewness and Model Misspecification Effects. In D. S. J. Lita, F. Caeiro, I. Natário, C. A. Braumann, M. L. Esquível, & J. T. Mexia (Eds.), Advances in Regression, Survival Analysis, Extreme Values, Markov Processes and Other Statistical Applications (pp. 11-33). (Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer.
  • Vilares, M. J., & Coelho, P. S. (2011). Likelihood and PLS estimators for structural equation modeling An assessment of sample size, skewness and model misspecification effects. Paper presented at the XVII Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística.
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