Frederico Cruz Jesus

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Frederico Cruz Jesus


Frederico Cruz Jesus, Assistant Professor,
PhD in Information Management - NOVA IMS


Telephone: 213828610
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Frederico Cruz Jesus is Assistant Professor at the NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), Portugal. His research interests include ICT4D, the digital divide and the adoption of technological innovations by individuals and firms. He has papers published in journals including Information & Management, Computers in Human Behavior, Government Information Quarterly, Information Systems Frontiers, Future Generation Computers Systems, and Journal of Global Information Management.

Since finishing his B.Sc., he has been an enthusiastic analytics´ professional, having undertaken several roles in this area. He started his professional path in the retailing area at Jerónimo Martins, then moved to the banking industry (Barclays Bank) as a SAS Analyst, and then to the insurance sector (Allianz Portugal), where he developed the CRM area in cooperation with Allianz Spain. Presently, his projects in the Analytics field are carried out as an independent consultant.

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Journal Article

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Book Section

  • Cruz-Jesus, F., Oliveira, T., & Bacao, F. (2011). Exploratory Factor Analysis for the Digital Divide: Evidence for the European Union - 27 In M. M. Cruz-Cunha, J. Varajão, P. Powell & R. Martinho (Eds.), ENTERprise Information Systems (Vol. 219, pp. 44-53): Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Conference Proceeding

  • Cruz-Jesus, F., Oliveira, T., & Naranjo, M. (2018). Understanding the adoption of business analytics and intelligence. In Á. Rocha, H. Adeli, L. P. Reis, & S. Costanzo (Eds.), Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, pp. 1094-1103. (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing; Vol. 745). WorldCIST'18: World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies 2018. Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-77703-0_106
  • Naranjo-Zolotov, M., Oliveira, T., Cruz-Jesus, F., & Martins, J. (2018). Satisfaction with e-participation: A model from the Citizen’s perspective, expectations, and affective ties to the place. In Á. Rocha, H. Adeli, L. P. Reis, & S. Costanzo (Eds.), Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies (Vol. 745, pp. 1049-1059). (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing; Vol. 745). Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-77703-0_102
  • Cruz-Jezus, F., Oliveira, T., & Bacao, F. (2011, 19-21 Outubro). Divisão Digital na União Europeia. Paper presented at the CAPSI - Conferência da Associação Portuguesa de Sistemas de Informação, Lisboa.
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