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Jorge Manuel Carrola, Invited Lecturer


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Jorge Carrola Rodrigues is Invited Assistant Professor at NOVA IMS, Information Management School, in several information systems chairs, coordinates the “Digital Enterprise Management” and “Digital Innovation for Business” post-graduations, and other specific projects related to Digital Transformation. In parallel, he´s a researcher on enterprise software as a service impact in value and firm performance as a PhD Candidate.

Jorge helped to setup the SAP University Alliance (UA) at NOVA IMS and, as a result of the several co-innovation initiatives, connection with the Society and impact in the students careers, received the “Visionary Award” from SAP UA worldwide Vice-Presidents in 2017 that distinguishes less than 1% of all UA member professors on more than 3.200 universities.

In 2018 SAP nominated NOVA IMS as one of the Next-Gen Chapters in EMEA region, as an University that enables co-innovation projects with the ecosystem of SAP Customers and Partners and Jorge is the Chapter Lead.

Jorge also accumulates nearly 25 years of career in the industries of ITC and financial services, in companies such as Microsoft, Unicre, Philips and Olivetti Solutions, in Portugal, UK and Italy, both in marketing and business development for large accounts and partner channels. During his 10 ys. career at Microsoft, Jorge managed the enterprise applications (ERP, CRM) market development, with several nominations as best performer in this business unit in Western Europe. He also authored “CRM for Dummies” exclusive edition from Wiley/Microsoft (2012).

Since 2003 he also holds a certification as benchmarking consultant with BenchmarkIndex (UK) and applied this methodology based in the “balanced scorecard” system in nearly one hundred companies.

His research interests are in the areas of information management, new technologies impact, value and performance, business strategy, marketing and benchmarking.


Journal Article

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Book Section

  • Johansson, B., Ruivo, P., & Rodrigues, J. (2015). Adoption Reasons for Enterprise Systems as a Service - A Recap of Provider Perspectives. In M. M. CruzCunha, J. Varajao, R. Rijo, R. Martinho, P. Schubert, A. Boonstra, R. Correia & R. Berler (Eds.), Conference on Enterprise Information Systems/International Conference on Project Management/Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies, Centeris/Projman / Hcist 2015 (Vol. 64, pp. 132-139). Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Bv.
  • Conference Proceeding

    • Ruivo, P., Rodrigues, J., Johansson, B., Oliveira, T., & Rebelo, J. (2017). Differences in ERP Value between Iberian Manufacturing and Services SMEs. In Procedia Computer Science (Vol. 121, pp. 707-715). DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2017.11.092
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