Luís Madureira

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Luís Alexandre Abrantes Madureira, Invited Lecturer
Licenciado em Economia (NOVA SBE)


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Luis Madureira is a PhD Student of Information Management - Information and Decision Systems - and a visiting professor at NOVA IMS. He is a lecturer in several courses at the undergraduate and masters degree level internationally on Competitive Intelligence (CI), Strategy, Marketing and Innovation. Graduated from NOVA SBE in Economics and is CIP-I & II / Master of Competitive Intelligence by the Academy of Competitive Intelligence. Awarded the CI Fellowship, the highest recognition in CI by the Council of CI Fellows, he chairs the SCIP Portugal Chapter. As Managing Partner of ÜBERBRANDS, a strategic consultancy boutique, he supports organisations successfully navigate their competitive environment. Previously the Global Competitive Intelligence Practice Lead for Ogilvy Consulting, he possesses a vast experience in Consulting and FMCG - Diageo, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Red Bull, United Coffee, and Heineken.


Book Section

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Conference Proceeding

  • Madureira, L., Castelli, M., & Popovic, A. (2019). Design thinking: the new mindset for competitive intelligence? Impacts on the competitive intelligence model. In Proceedings of the 19th Portuguese Association of Information Systems Conference: Digital Disruption: Living between Data Science, IoT and ... People, 34. Portugal: Associação Portuguesa de Sistemas de Informação. ( ).
  • Sandler Passos, D., & Madureira, L. (2015, November 24). Need To Share—A nova tendência, seus mecanismos e riscos. 1, 1–8. Retrieved from

Other Publications (Trade Publications)

  • Madureira, L. (2019). Design Thinking: The New Mindset for CI? Competitive Intelligence Magazine, 23(1), 6–15.
  • Madureira, L. (2017). SMINT - Why CI Needs A New Approach. Competitive Intelligence Magazine, 20(1), 12–16.
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  • Madureira, L. (2012). #SCIPEU12: Future Ready – Have You Tried Social Market Intelligence (SMINT)? Scip.Insight, 4(2), 1.



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