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Afshin Ashofteh
Afshin Ashofteh, Docente Convidado

Afshin Ashofteh is an invited lecturer at the NOVA Information Management School. He has a master's degree in Mathematical Statistics, an MBA in Finance, a post-graduation degree in Statistical Systems followed by a Ph.D. in Information Management specializing in Statistics and Econometrics at NOVA IMS. He is certified by TÜV NORD for Risk Management and Internal Audit of Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Before joining Nova IMS, his professional path includes 5 years' experience of teaching as a full-time university lecturer and 12 years' experience in applying Econometrics and Statistics to problems in risk, actuaries and official statistics as a data analyst.

His scientific interests have focused on Data Science in Finance and implementation of predictive models in the area of Banking and Actuaries. Recently, his presentation of a paper about credit scoring by using non-traditional datasets, jointly written by Jorge Bravo and affiliated with NOVAIMS, was the winner of the first prize of the International Conference of Risk Analysis in Austria.



January 2012 to December 2012 - One of the eight team members of strategic planning for the International Data & Statistical Literacy Project. This project was initiated by the education section of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and the main goal of this project was to present a strategic plan for promoting data and statistical literacy across the world and in all walks of life. This project was directed by Professor Dr. Jim Ridgway, University of Durham and Professor Dr. Milo Schield, Augsburg University, Minneapolis. (Referenced by his permission:



2019 - Data Science and Open Banking. Invited to talk for new master students of Nova IMS, Portugal.
2018 - Mining Big Data for Statistical Systems of Monetary and Financial Institutions. Invited to talk at CARMA2018, Spain.
2018 - New Technologies and Information Management for Central Banking. Invited to talk at Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal.
2017 - The Challenges of Improving Financial Data and Statistical Literacy. Invited to talk at ISI World Statistics Congress, Morocco.
2016 - Financial Stability and Statistical Systems in Banking. Invited by UNCTAD & WTO, Switzerland.


Unidades Curriculares que leciona na NOVA IMS
- Operações Bancárias e Seguradoras
Publicação em Periódicos Científicos
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Publicações em Atas de Conferência Científica
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