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Social Welfare Services


Social Welfare Services

The social services at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa ensure equal opportunities and well-being for NOVA students, encompassing areas such as scholarships, food, accommodation, physical and mental health, while also actively encouraging and promoting participation in cultural, sports, and volunteer activities.


Within the scope of SASNOVA are included the following duties:

  • Assigning scholarships to underprivileged students;
  • Promoting student and staff access to Food Services through canteens, cafeterias and bars;
  • Promoting access to accommodation for students who are living away from home;
  • Providing medical, psychiatric, psychological and nutritional support;
  • Starting up and giving support to sports activities;
  • Starting up and giving support to cultural activities;
  • SASNOVA is also committed to developing other activities that may contribute to the educational success of students.


The Social Support Scholarships were established to address the needs of students whose family's financial situation hinders the pursuit of higher education. The Universidade Nova de Lisboa provides a variety of financial support options to its students.

Check the available scholarships here.


The Social Services of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, on the Campolide Campus, offer a cafeteria located near the Faculty of Law and three coffee shops: one situated at the rectorate, another at the Colégio Almada Negreiros, and one more in the Manuel Vilares building.

See more informations, here!


SASNOVA provides health services to all students so as to ensure their well-being.

Students can benefit from psychiatrypsychology and nutrition appointments. All must be booked in advance (prices are subsidized by SASNOVA). Click here to kwow more!


SASNOVA promotes the practice of sports and other physical activities among the academic community, seeking to contribute to an easier integration and a healthier lifestyle for our students.

We offer numerous activities on NOVA campuses and hikes throughout the school year! Click here to stay updated with all the information!

Contact us

NOVA IMS students who wish to apply for social benefits can contact the respective SAS sectors.

By email:


Serviços de Acção Social da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (SASNOVA)
Travessa Estevão Pinto Campus de Campolide
1099-032 Lisboa

  • Tel. +351 213 715 600
  • Fax +351 213 715 672