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NOVA IMS is committed to a strategy of personalized teaching, supported by a high teacher/student ratio and the use of the most modern technologies to support teaching without giving up a humanized approach.

Study at NOVA IMS

To choose NOVA IMS is to invest in unforgettable and high-quality stimulating training. Innovative spirit and orientation to the market needs characterize our courses, which has been a guarantee of recognition and professional success.

Come and join this community and live the experience of studying at NOVA IMS. See for yourself why we are the first choice of so many candidates for our courses. Finally, come and join the group of our graduates, of whom we are proud for their professionalism, recognition, and prestige in the organizations where they work.

Call for Applications

The call for applications to NOVA IMS' Postgraduate Programs starting in February is open.

Bachelor´s Degree


The National Application for Access to Higher Education is directed at all the candidates aiming for access to Public Higher Education in Portugal.

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International Student Access

The present call for applications for NOVA IMS degrees, under the Statute of the International Student, is aimed at students who do not have Portuguese nationality and are not nationals of any EU Member countries.

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SUPERNOVA Foundation Program

The SUPERNOVA Foundation Program lasts 6 months and it's a multidisciplinary program, designed for non-European students that have finished the secondary school, aiming to level technological knowledge and provide linguistic skills necessary to pursue studies at NOVA IMS.

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Postgraduate Programs and Master Degree Programs

The Postgraduate and Master Degree Programs offered by NOVA IMS aim to train senior managers who are prepared to face the challenges of the open, globalized and competitive market in which we operate and to perform the new roles that the information society has brought to light.

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program in Information Management aims to promote knowledge and innovation in Information Management, particularly in the research of its impact on wealth creation, improving the performance of organizations and the development of new methodologies and decision making tools.

Special Admission - humanitarian emergency

All citizens who are granted temporary protection, due to the war situation lived in Ukraine, may apply for the application of the status of student in an emergency situation for humanitarian reasons.

Executive Education

NOVA IMS Executive Education designs and develops courses and training programs in the area of information management and data science for executives and organizations. In a world in constant change, we are at the forefront of the most recent methodologies and knowledge that allow us to train professionals who are looking for a continuous updating of their skills.



If you want more information about NOVA IMS degrees, contact any members of the team:

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    Beatriz Branco
    Admissions Office Coordinator of the Bachelor, Postgraduate, Master and Doctoral Programs
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    Hugo Caldeira
    Partnerships & Community Management and Internships and Employability Office

Catarina Matos
Marketing Automation and Strategy | Goldenergy
Inês Santos
Digital Media Planner | Digital Gate
Miguel Santos
Azure Cloud Engineer | Microsoft
Eduardo Costa
Digital Transformation Analyst | NOVA IMS
Nuno Amaral
Digital Project Management Officer | Galp Energia
Renato Lains Mota
Urologist and Member of the Local Commission for Clinical Informatization | Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental, EPE
Diana Martins
Técnico Assistente | Banco de Portugal
Daniel Lopes
Communications Officer | International Monetary Fund*
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NOVA IMS allowed me to make not just "one" choice. Today I see that no other course could have given me the tools to be able to move in the technological future. Thanks to the comprehensive training provided by NOVA IMS, I am able to talk about marketing, programming, and management, with professionals from other areas. To be a NOVA IMS student is to be a professional " technological polyglot." These are the characteristics, developed by the rigor and excellence with which we are taught, by which the business market opens the doors not only at the end but also during the course. Studying at NOVA IMS is to complete the course surrounded by great friends, intelligent and innovative knowledge, and a second home forever.
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I feel constantly challenged and learning at NOVA IMS because it is a course in English and because of the demanding study plan, where we acquire many technological and entrepreneurial skills, promoting our personal and intellectual growth.
In the practical subjects, such as Computing, we don't need previous knowledge because the teachers provide us with all the necessary tools and bases to enhance our performance.
It's a university that invests in the integration of the student from the very first day, with several activities and initiatives, with the mentoring program or through the participation in the Students Association, of which I am a member.
NOVA IMS invests in the future of students, developing several workshops and projects in partnership with many companies, allowing direct contact with the world of work. It publishes several job proposals throughout the semesters, and students are always up to date with the opportunities.
It is a course of the future, and without a doubt, we feel it. It was the best decision I made.
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During my undergraduate degree course, I managed to acquire skills that fit current business requirements, because, in addition to the excellence that NOVA IMS accustomed and instilled in us, we also developed strong technical and soft skills that place us in an excellent market position. Studying at NOVA IMS is to represent a faculty at the forefront of technological development, which challenges itself every day to provide its students with excellent teaching, focused on research and innovation. In addition to the academic component, the environment we live in is of great proximity between colleagues and teachers, so it is a familiar environment.
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After finishing high school, I chose to study at NOVA IMS because it is a renowned university that promotes academic excellence. Furthermore, it has a more family-like environment since there are only two undergraduate programs, which allowed me to better integrate in this new stage of my life.
For someone like me, who is passionate about programming and technology in general, my experience as a freshman in the Bachelor of Information Systems course has exceeded all my expectations. Although I entered in a pandemic situation, I never felt that it had a very high impact on an academic level, and I am fully aware that this happened due to all the care and solutions implemented by the university.
Thus, I have all the reasons to recommend NOVA IMS to all those looking for a university focused on a high-level education that is more family-oriented and with excellence through research.
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The Postgraduate Program in Digital Enterprise Management at NOVA IMS helps business leaders to answer the challenges of the digital age by providing the tools to “orchestrate” the Why, What and How to deal with a business transformation. Also, the close connection of the professors between academia and the real world of business, the partnerships and the different backgrounds and industries of the colleagues, give us a great opportunity to learn and share knowledge activating our collective brain.
It was a great experience!
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Attending the Postgraduate Program was decisive in consolidating my vision of the functioning of health systems. Understanding how technology supports and leverages data analysis and healthcare decisions made me proactive in contributing to the digital transformation of the sector for the benefit of citizens. At NOVA IMS I found a very captivating academic diversity associated with new and updated teaching, work and problem-solving methodologies that greatly contributed to my satisfaction with the postgraduate program.
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NOVA IMS continues to be a reference in teaching excellence, which is why it was the school I chose not only for my bachelor’s degree, but also for my master's degree. The programs, whether undergraduate or post-graduate, are quite versatile, covering several areas, which allows us to have a curriculum with multidisciplinary skills with a strong focus on the practical part, offering great flexibility when choosing the market area where we want to work. NOVA IMS was the right decision as it provided me constant personal and professional growth as well as a set of crucial skills when integrating into the business world.
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The specialization in Marketing Intelligence allows you to explore the incredible power of data science in optimizing communication strategies that make an impact and add value to multiple stakeholders.

*The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the International Monetary Fund.