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Services and Community

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Services and Community

The NOVA IMS community guarantees a vibrant environment and an opportunity for robust and sustained growth for all those who want to develop their technical and personal skills with us.

Through AD NOVA IMS we develop a range of Third Mission initiatives, namely training for executives, partnerships and projects to connect with society, dynamization of the Alumni community, support to the creation or acceleration of technology-based companies in "Data Science" and the promotion of entrepreneurship and social innovation projects. With an emphasis on companies of national and international renown that support our school where, in addition to participating in academic life, they offer internships and scholarships to our students as a way of rewarding their effort and dedication.

We offer a stimulating and multicultural environment to our students, teachers, researchers and employees, including access to a wide range of services that allow them to carry out their work with quality and rigor.

We are proud to have a team of employees who are attentive to our community's needs and who quickly respond to all questions related to campus life.

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Academic Services

The Academic Services are responsible for managing the enrollment, attendance of training courses, as well as the certification of each student's academic path.

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Teacher Support Office

Teacher Support Office goal is to ensure and facilitate the process of welcoming and integrating Teachers, as well as to provide them with support in any pedagogical and academic activities, guaranteeing the quality of teaching activities.

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The Students’ Support Office (SSO)

The Students’ Support Office (SSO) is an independent structure that works with the NOVA IMS Management and the Degree’s Coordinators, in order to strengthen the relationship between the NOVA IMS and its Students.

This office zeals for the students interests, ensuring that their problems, needs, claims, suggestions and opinions are heard and have the needed follow-up inside the NOVA IMS structure. 

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Library and Documentation Services

The Library and Documentation Services mission is to provide to NOVA IMS’ students, teachers and researchers the access to the necessary documentation and information for the development of their academic and scientific activities, namely in the areas of Statistics and Information Management.

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Marketing & Admissions

The Marketing & Admissions Department coordinates NOVA IMS’ foreign and institutional relations with its different target audiences. It gives impetus to digital communication by providing multimedia content management, namely the website, social media and other communication supports. It also provides all necessary support to the candidates, from the moment they are merely interested in the formative offer of NOVA IMS up to the moment they become students.

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People and Talent

Meet the team and the main functions of People and Talent department of NOVA IMS.

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IT Services

The NOVA IMS IT Services provides all students with helpdesk support on a daily basis, also providing a set of software for teaching and research purposes.

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Financial Services

Financial Services' main objective is the budgetary, financial and administrative management of NOVA IMS research project contracts.

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AD NOVA IMS is a non-profit institution, is currently formed by 10 public and private institutions, and aims to support the functioning and activities of NOVA IMS.

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Project Management Office

The Project Management Office provides the necessary support in terms of financial and administrative management to the Research Project Coordinators.

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Science Management

The science management team contributes to the promotion of competitiveness and the impact of research developed by the scientific community of NOVA IMS, as well as to the capture of competitive funding for projects and other scientific activities.

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External Relationships

The activity of the NOVA IMS Foreign Affairs Office is the responsibility of AD NOVA IMS.

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