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Sama 2020

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Sama 2020

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, through NOVA IMS, decided to present an application operation entitled “Analytical Platform to Support the Planning and Management of Higher Education Institutions” – Brain U.

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Project POCI-05-5762-FSE-000229

NOVA IMS, in partnership with the National Cybersecurity Center and UPorto, is actively involved in Project POCI-05-5762-FSE-000229, focusing on activities such as data preprocessing, model implementation, and real-world implementation testing for enhanced cybersecurity solutions.

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The application entitled "Analytical Platform to Support Planning and Management of a Higher Education Institution "- Brain U consists in the implementation of an analytical platform to support the planning and management of a Higher Education Institution in a data-driven, customer-focused and resource-efficient environment.

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NOVA IMS Excellence Challenge

The "NOVA IMS Excellence Challenge" project aim at to implement an excellence model that allows the dematerialization of NOVA IMS’ internal procedures, to optimize its operation, identifying and improving the internal work processes and making a set of tools available that will serve as support to the modernization and training process.

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