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Partnerships with Institutions

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Partnerships with Institutions

In a continuous and sustainable way, NOVA IMS creates partnerships that enable it to develop by promoting synergies with national and international partnerships in several areas. 

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Nature of Partnerships

These partnerships are of various natures and cover NOVA IMS's scientific, pedagogical, and institutional development domains. In this set of initiatives, AD NOVA IMS, which has accompanied the Institute practically since its inception, stands out. Other partnerships with similar and complementary institutions are under development in lines of action related to research development projects and joint Post-Graduation programs, especially within the European Union and Portuguese-speaking countries.

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National and International Networks

  • CLAD (1)

    Portuguese Association of Classification and Data Analysis.


    Member eduGI - Partner eduGILA - Partner

  • AGILE (1)

    AGILE - European Association of Geographic Information Laboratories.


    Founding Member


    DSPA - Data Science Portuguese Association



  • SPE (1)

    SPE - Portuguese Statistical Society.



  • UNIGIS (1)

    UNIGIS International Association Postgraduate Courses in Geographical Information Systems.


  • GSIG Prancheta 1

    Geographical Information Systems International Group