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Mission, Vocation, Values, Culture and Ambition

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NOVA IMS considers itself as a leading school in the area of converting data into value (“From Data to Value”), through Data Science and its Analysis (“Data Science and Analytics”). Learn about our Mission, Vocation, Values, Culture and Ambition here.

Mission, Vocation, Values, Culture and Ambition


  • Train leaders capable of working in a global and competitive environment, combining innovative research in information management with a stimulating and creative teaching environment, to generate and disseminate knowledge in a global society.


  • Since 1989, NOVA IMS has pursued as an Organic Unit of the University Nova of Lisbon to assert itself as a vanguard school in data conversion to value ("From Data to Value "), through Data Science and Analytics, an integrated and properly articulated commitment to of initiatives of teaching, research, and contribution to society (third mission).


In carrying out its activity, the values of the Nova University of Lisbon, and NOVA IMS, include:

  • Ethical and social responsible behavior characterized by respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and, in general, human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities;
  • Integrity, honesty, and responsibility in all actions carried out as a commitment to the pursuit of our mission, with a sense of justice and independence regarding interests unrelated to the objectives of the University;
  • Transparency and knowledge sharing aimed at a policy of full openness to society;
  • A constant search for excellence and innovation in all activities developed in the context of everything we do.

Thus, NOVA IMS is committed to including in its academic and institutional practice, as an integral part of its identity, the continuous respect, and promotion of these values, which are also reflected in all initiatives that are developed under the Strategic Plan.


The strategic soul of quality at NOVA IMS is based on five fundamental actions: learning, daring, innovating, rewarding excellence, and building a sustainable world.

At NOVA IMS we believe that the success achieved and to achieve is due to a large extent to the cultivation, preservation, and consolidation of the following trilogy of elements of our organizational culture:

  • Internal Cohesion;
  • Meritocracy;
  • Agility.


NOVA IMS wants to continue to assert itself more and more and better as a leading School in Information Management and Data Science, through a clear strategic ambition to build a Future of Excellence. To do so, we want to be an increasingly attentive, agile School, prepared for change and able to respond, with a clear notion of the consistent positioning to maintain and achieve, as well as the preservation and consolidation of a strong organizational culture.