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SUPERNOVA Foundation Programme Access


SUPERNOVA Foundation
Programme Access

The SUPERNOVA can be taken Online or On-Campus, with differentiated costs. Students who take the program online present an interview at the end of the program with the team of the School Selection Committee they intend to join.

The Program can be carried out in one of two periods of the year:

  • Spring (applications from July to October) - Classes between February and June; or
  • Fall Edition (applications from January to April) - Classes between September and January.

The SUPERNOVA lasts 6 months and is a multidisciplinary program, designed for non-European students that have finished the secondary school, aiming to level technological knowledge and provide linguistic skills necessary to pursue studies at NOVA IMS.


The programme is consists of a set of courses from six different Schools at NOVA. Each student must select two academic disciplines from the participating Schools according to the conditions for direct access to each School, available in the Frequently Asked Questions (The acceptance in a degree programme at NOVA is guaranteed after attending the SUPERNOVA Program?).

1. Beyond these disciplines it is compulsory to attend to the following components:

  • Club of Ideas, available in Portuguese and English; candidates can choose according to their fluency in the language; and
  • Compulsory English language course, except for candidates who can certify level B2 or above according to the CEFR (1 hour per day); or
  • Compulsory Portuguese language course, except for candidates who can certify level B2 or above according to the CEFR (1 hour per day);

2. Have a minimum attendance rate of 80% in all SUPERNOVA enrolled classes;

3. Comply with the specific conditions of the Faculty where they intend to enter (all the subjects below refer to the syllabus available for the SUPERNOVA of each School):

  • NOVA FCT (Combination of two of the following subjects, depending on the degree chosen)
    • Pass Mathematics;
    • Pass Principles of Physics-Chemistry;
    • Pass Biology;
    • Pass one of the NOVA IMS subjects (depending on the Semester) if Computer Engineering is the only NOVA FCT degree chosen by the candidate.
      • Pass Mathematics; and
      • Pass Foundational Aspects of Data (Fall editions);
      • Pass Foundational Aspects of Information (Spring editions).
      • Pass Introduction to Methods of Social Sciences;
      • Pass Introduction to Law and Democracy.
  • NMS | FCM
      • Pass Biology; and
      • Pass Principles of Physical Chemistry.
  • NOVA Direito 
    • Pass one of the subjects offered by the Law School with a minimum grade of 12 points (out of 20);
    • Pass Introduction to Methods of Social Sciences.
      • Pass Mathematics with a minimum grade of 14 (out of 20); and
      • Pass one of the subjects offered by NOVA SBE.

Note: To pass a course, the student must obtain a minimum grade of 10 (out of 20), to fulfil the conditions of direct access to each School it is important to consider the minimum grade required above.

At the end of the SUPERNOVA, well-succeeded candidates may apply to a regular Bachelor programme in one of NOVA Schools under the International Student Special Status. In this case, they will have to present the Faculty´s admission tests and start a new application process that does not guarantee immediate admission.

Application for Brazilian Students   image

Application for Brazilian Students

SUPERNOVA will help Brazilian students in their adaptation to the European education system, besides preparing the way for their acceptance to one of the best and most reputable young universities in the world, The Nova University of Lisbon.

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Application for Other Nationalities image

Application for Other Nationalities

SUPERNOVA is a program developed for students who have completed (or are close to completing) high school and who, in the future, intend to apply for higher education in Portugal.

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