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Executive Education in Digital Transformation for Hospitality & Tourism


Digital Transformation for Hospitality & Tourism

Digital transformation is a process of strategic management and change, where the organization is required to implement a culture focused on customers and stakeholders in order to achieve the highest levels of operational excellence and competitive advantage.


  • Understand the concepts for creating new services or products as a service - "servitization" and PSS - "Product Services Systems," with examples of new business models supported by digital technologies;

  • Understand what methodologies can be used for effective and successful management of digital transformation (DT) projects;

  • Know how to assess the impact and strategic readiness of the Organization to adopt the "digital core" or "digital innovation" technologies needed to support a digital transformation;

  • Identify how the implementation of next-generation technologies can increase competitive advantage, benefits, and business performance" for your Organization.

Who is it for?

This course is intended for professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality who want to understand a set of concepts and methodologies that can be used for effective and successful management of digital transformation projects.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to digital transformation and the 6 strategic vectors to prepare for digital transformation;
  • Digital transformation in the tourism sector;
  • The concepts of Servitization and Value Co-creation applied to the Tourism sector;
  • The technologies that facilitate digital transformation;
  • Methodologies for the management of digital transformation projects.

General Information

Course Delivery

Dates: Starting from the week of 9th of october. 14 two-hour sessions between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., twice a week (wednesday and thursday) in October and November 2023.

Format: Hybrid (students may choose to attend in person or online via zoom).

Registration: through the form until September 27th.

Registration payment: until September 29th.

Tuition Fee:

  • This program has the special support of TIA | PRR, so there will be a discount of around 75% for residents in Portugal for the entire program, with the tuition fee for students in this condition is €330. For other students the tuition fee is €1,450.

The program will only start after the enrollment of at least 20 Students and the special value of the TIA | PRR, cannot be combined with other discounts.

Duration and ECTS

This course has a duration of 28 hours and awards 5 ECTS to participants.


The course will be taught in Portuguese (unless there are students who do not have a command of the language).

Professor Responsible

Jorge Carrola

Program Coordinator

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