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Management, Innovation and Leadership in Health Care Units


Management, Innovation and Leadership in Health Care Units

This advanced course is an opportunity to acquire tools and techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health facilities, sharing with other professionals new models that promote innovation and transformation.

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Who is it for?

The advanced course in Management, Innovation and Leadership in Health Care Units is aimed at health professionals and managers who wish to acquire management and leadership skills, and knowledge of essential decision support systems for the exercise of management functions that are decisive for ensuring the quality of health services, or who need to develop studies or projects in the health sector as part of a process of personal and professional development and enhancement.


This program aims to train health professionals and managers to:

  • Face the challenges of the new healthcare market using the planning, management and control tools in healthcare organizations;
  • Know and manage the processes of innovation and change, as well as the relationship with the customer in the new health user;
  • Use analytical applications that monitor the performance of organizations and identify the main indicators of analytical applications in health care;
  • Know the guiding principles of law and ethics in health;
  • Know and apply models of excellence and reference for continuous quality improvement.


  • Health Analytics (Information Systems, Statistical Methods and Decision Systems);
  • Policies, Planning and Control in Health Organizations (Health Policies and Systems, Planning and Contracting);
  • Leadership, Management and Ethics;
  • Management of Health Units (Logistics, Quality and Clinical Governance);
  • New Health User (Organizational Behaviour, Innovation, Change Management and Marketing).

Teaching Staff

The course has a teaching staff composed of academics of international prestige and renowned professionals, in order to guarantee a scientifically supported training, with a high applied bias.

Guilherme Victorino

Course Coordinator and Sub-Director of NOVA IMS

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José Carlos Caiado

Course Coordinator and Assistant Professor

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Carlos Lucas

Course Coordinator and Guest Professor

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João Valente Cordeiro

Guest Assistant Professor

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Roberto Henriques

Associate Professor

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Teresa Rodrigues

Invited Full Professor

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This advanced course starts on September 22nd 2023.

This advanced course is held after working hours and it lasts 1 semester (Fridays from 16h30 to 20h30 and Saturdays from 9h00 to 13h00).

The sessions will take place mostly online and occasionally in person.

General Information

Applications for this course are available through the NOVA IMS Applications Portal until September 15th 2023.

Application Requirements
Candidates with a Bachelor's degree or relevant professional experience in the health sector are accepted for consideration.

Selection Process
The selection process is based on the analysis of the academic and professional curriculum.

Course Fees and Payment
The value of this course is 3.000€.

The payment of the course fee must be made by September 18th 2023.

This course will be taught in Portuguese.

Location of the course
The sessions will take place mostly online and occasionally in person.

Advanced Training Certificate
To obtain the diploma in the advanced course in Management, Innovation and Leadership in Health Units students will have to complete 30 ECTS.


If you would like more information about this course, please contact:

Filipa Coelho de Sousa
+351 213 828 610