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Artificial Intelligence for Impact Assessment Project (AI4IA) – Presentation of the Final Results

20 Jun, 2024
INE Auditorium, NOVA IMS

Artificial Intelligence for Impact Assessment Project (AI4IA) – Presentation of the Final Results

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About the Event

NOVA IMS is pleased to announce the closing event of the Artificial Intelligence for Impact Assessment Project (AI4IA). This project, requested by the Portuguese authorities and supported by the European Commission (DG REFORM), aims to develop an innovative approach for impact assessments of national and transposed EU legislation using advanced technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The use of AI in the legislative process promises faster comparisons between existing and new legislation, increasing legal certainty and reducing administrative burdens for citizens and businesses. The project implementation by NOVA IMS has resulted in an AI-based proof of concept that offers an efficient and scalable solution for identifying administrative burdens in transposed EU directives.

The event will showcase groundbreaking achievements in using Artificial Intelligence for legislative impact assessment. 

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with policymakers, government officials, academia, and industry professionals, and to celebrate the support and visibility provided by EU funding.


Download the event program here.

Images of the event

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The session will be held at the INE Auditorium of NOVA IMS, on the Campolide Campus, in Lisbon.

Metro: S. Sebastião (Blue and Red Line); Praça de Espanha (Blue Line)
Carris: 701, 713, 716, 726, 742, 746, 756, 758, 770