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NOVA IMS Tackles Climate Challenges with FARCLIMATE Project

NOVA IMS Tackles Climate Challenges with FARCLIMATE Project

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In response to the pressing challenge of climate change, NOVA IMS is proud to join the FARCLIMATE project, funded by the Horizon Europe program. Funded by the Horizon Europe program, this project aims to develop and expand climate-resilient measures to combat climate change, making them accessible and understandable for everyone. The initiative focuses on overcoming social, political, and economic barriers that tend to hinder effective climate action. The project will be implemented in at least 20 regions and communities across Europe, where innovative solutions will be created to achieve climate resilience in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries economic sectors. 

To achieve these goals, FARCLIMATE has designed a comprehensive work plan, engaging with all relevant stakeholders, establishing Living Labs for co-creation and testing, and conducting thorough research into the value chains and socioeconomic dynamics of each region. These Living Labs will create real-world environments where innovative solutions can be tested and scaled up to ensure their practicality and effectiveness. 

This project is seamlessly integrated into the Information Systems Research Line of the MagIC research center, where the primary focus is on understanding the critical factors that influence the diffusion, adoption, and success of information. NOVA IMS will play a crucial role in FARCLIMATE by leading the Consumer Behaviour and Empowerment task under the guidance of Professor Tiago Oliveira. This task aims to understand the factors that influence consumer acceptance and behavior change toward climate-resilient measures. Data will be collected from various European countries and analyzed using advanced structural equation modeling techniques to identify behavior patterns.