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NOVA IMS wins Organizational Innovation Award

NOVA IMS wins Organizational Innovation Award

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ADN Agir Diferente Na NOVA Notícia

The Digital Transformation team of NOVA IMS was recently honored with the Organizational Innovation Award at the 2nd Edition of the ADN Awards Gala - Acting Differently at NOVA. 

The award-winning project, titled "Digital Transformation at NOVA IMS: A 360° Vision," stood out for its cross-cutting, holistic, and integrated approach. This project aims not only at modernizing existing systems but also at implementing a culture of sustainable innovation through detailed process mapping for greater transparency and operational efficiency. 

Led by a qualified internal team, the project has already achieved several significant milestones. This initiative has propelled the creation of a dedicated Digital Transformation department and the appointment of a Chief Information Officer to oversee the process. 

The project's innovative approach seeks not only to modernize but also to optimize operational processes, strategically aligning them with the institution's mission. Its success is attributed to various determining factors, including community involvement, an integrated methodology, and a clear strategic vision. By involving various stakeholders at each stage and aligning with the culture and goals of NOVA IMS, the project ensures that continuous digital transformation adequately responds to the institution's dynamic needs. 

This recognition comes within the scope of the ADN Award, an initiative aimed at stimulating innovation and recognizing best practices within the NOVA University of Lisbon. Applications, coming from all organic units of the University, covered areas as diverse as Social Action and Innovation to Digital Transformation.