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Nuno Barboza

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Nuno Barboza

Nuno Barboza is a Senior Global Executive, and he was just appointed as CEO of BI4ALL.

Across his 30+ year career experience, Nuno had the opportunity to lead IT strategy for startups up to Fortune 500 market leaders in medical devices, healthcare, mining, insurance, and construction sectors. This work spans US, European, and global leadership roles where him and his team supported growth across multibillion-dollar enterprises by developing and executing on complex IT strategies and large-scale transformation.

As a global corporate leader, he also has deep experience with M&As, corporate development, and board-level collaboration.
Before joining BI4ALL, Nuno’s work included leading the IT strategy supporting an $82B business and 135K global employees as Senior Vice President of Strategy & Deployment for the Technology Group at Johnson & Johnson. Prior to that, Nuno served as CIO for North American Medical Devices division where his team executed on a $400M program to deliver all technology-related efforts for $1.3B transformation program. As part of his last role Nuno represented Johnson & Johnson both at MIT and Gartner Research Boards.

Previously, Nuno served in several international leadership roles including CIO of the Medical Devices division in EMEA, Worldwide IT Director for Ethicon Commercial Operations, and Regional IT director positions in Europe, Middle East and Africa. During this time, Nuno led sustainability efforts across EMEA as the executive sponsor.
Regardless of his role, Nuno works to build engaged and inclusive work cultures by creating high-growth environments. Nuno has tremendous passion for talent development, diversity & inclusion, social contribution and sustainability.

Nuno also served as the President of the Board of the Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity organization in the United States until very recently.
Originally from Portugal, Nuno completed his degree in Computer Engineer from Instituto Superior de Informática e Gestão, followed by a General Management diploma, before earning a Certificate in Organizational Design for Digital Transformation from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Nuno is married, has 3 sons living in Brazil and in the US, and he and his wife just relocated back to Portugal after living in different locations both in Europe and in the US for the last 15 years.