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2023 December in review

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Newsletter N.º 15, December 2023

Hi! Please check the December's agenda in review!

NHS challenges: Urgent reforms needed image

NHS challenges: Urgent reforms needed

Pedro Simões Coelho, Professor at NOVA IMS and coordinator of the Sustainable Health Index project, discussed pressing issues within the National Health Service (NHS) during an interview with SIC Notícias. Despite recent efforts, such as hiring 1,000 doctors, persistent vacancies continue to challenge the system. Pedro Simões Coelho highlighted the urgency of evaluating recent decisions affecting healthcare professionals and emphasized the need for immediate structural reforms. Lingering problems like prolonged wait times and decreasing productivity require swift attention. The Sustainable Health Index findings uncovered a rise in healthcare spending coupled with a decline in productivity, signaling the imperative for a more adaptable NHS model.

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NOVA IMS student launches mGira App image

NOVA IMS student launches mGira App

In a bid to overcome the glitches faced while using the EMEL app for cycling between Campolide and Benfica, NOVA IMS student Afonso Hermenegildo has introduced mGira. Launched at the end of November, mGira promises a bug-free experience by consistently providing real-time information on available bicycles per station. Afonso's interest in web development and programming dates back to childhood. At the age of 12, he created a simple 'email-sending system.' Now, at 19, he has launched mGira, an alternative bike-sharing app to EMEL's Gira in Lisbon, making the code openly available for others to suggest improvements. The app, meaning 'better Gira,' has been available to city residents, promising a smoother cycling experience.

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NOVA IMS improve Sustainable Travel image

NOVA IMS improve Sustainable Travel

The ENHANCE project, funded by the EU's Driving Urban Transition programme, aims to understand the challenges of applying 15-minute city (15mC) principles in outer metropolitan areas and small cities. Coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the project brings together expertise from academic and non-academic partners from the Netherlands, UK, and Portugal, including NOVA IMS. Led by Professor Fernando Bação, NOVA IMS will investigate current travel behaviour in relation to the 15mC objectives. Our research team will identify group-specific activity patterns using state-of-the-art data science techniques and evaluate the degree to which different societal groups fulfil daily travel needs within short duration local trips.

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  • Call for applications

Explore Our Postgraduate Programs! Applications are now open from January 4th to 25th for specialized courses such as Digital Enterprise Management, Intelligence Management and Security, Enterprise Data Science and Analytics, and Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare.

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  • INPUT session: New building

Join us for an Input Session on January 9th, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., held both in-person at the INE Auditorium and online. This session is a platform to discuss and gather your ideas on student spaces layout, facilities, and other aspects of our new building.

To participate, please register via this link.

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  • NOVA IMS Alumni Session: Round Table Data Leaders

On February 23rd, at 7 p.m., the NOVA IMS Alumni Session: Round Table with Data Leaders will take place in the Noble Hall.

This event is a dynamic forum that brings together experienced professionals in the field of data science and analytics to engage and inspire students. These experts will highlight the intersection between technology and business, providing students with a unique opportunity to interact with leaders who use data for impactful decision-making.

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