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2023 October in review

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Newsletter N.º 13, October 2023

Hi! Please check the October's agenda in review!

NOVA IMS signs global cooperation with PUC-Campinas image

NOVA IMS signs global cooperation with PUC-Campinas

NOVA IMS and the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC-Campinas) have come together to pioneer innovative collaborative models and pedagogical enhancements. This partnership is set to deliver a host of advantages to students, faculty, and the wider Campinas community, with a specific emphasis on NOVA IMS' areas of expertise. Recently, Miguel de Castro Neto, Dean of NOVA IMS, and Guilherme Victorino, Deputy Dean, embarked on a visit to the PUC-Campinas campus in São Paulo to explore their shared objectives for collaboration. These objectives have now taken shape through the signing of a memorandum of understanding, opening the door to cooperation across a range of domains. This includes sustainable urban development, the provision of postgraduate programs, facilitating academic exchanges, and pioneering innovative pedagogical approaches.

NOVA IMS Professors among Top 2% of World's Scientists image

NOVA IMS Professors among Top 2% of World's Scientists

Stanford University has released its prestigious list of the world's leading scientists, and it includes six professors from NOVA IMS. Fernando Bação, Leonardo Vanneschi, Manuela Aparicio, Mauro Castelli, Paulo Rita, and Tiago Oliveira have achieved the remarkable status of being among the top 2% of scientists worldwide in 2022. Notably, Professor Leonardo Vanneschi is recognized for his career-long impact on their respective fields.

NOVA IMS on the World Stage image

NOVA IMS on the World Stage

NOVA IMS Data with Purpose Summit: Cairo Edition united global experts to delve into the influence of data, AI, smart cities, and innovation, emphasizing the transformative capacity of emerging technologies. Collaborating with industry leaders such as PwC, Siemens, Orange Business, Sumerge, Synapse Analytics, Foundever, and Microsoft Portugal, we explored a world of possibilities. Dean Miguel de Castro Neto engaged in a dialogue on the opportunities and challenges with students from our Cairo Information Management program. Stay tuned for more exciting editions in the future!

Tiago Oliveira: President of NOVA IMS Scientific Council image

Tiago Oliveira: President of NOVA IMS Scientific Council

Tiago Oliveira, Full Professor at NOVA IMS, has been elected as the President of the institution's Scientific Council for the 2023-2027 quadrennium, taking on the responsibility of leading the scientific activities at NOVA IMS. His strong academic background, complemented by his research interests, highlights a dedicated journey towards advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in the field of Information Systems. A highly cited researcher, his expertise spans various areas, from sustainable technologies to e-health, e-banking, and cloud computing. His election to lead the Scientific Council reflects NOVA IMS's commitment to academic excellence and innovative research.

NOVA IMS and NOKIA renew Partnership image

NOVA IMS and NOKIA renew Partnership

NOVA IMS and NOKIA have renewed their partnership for the third consecutive year, strengthening the bond between academia and the business world. This collaboration focuses on joint research, technical and scientific teaching, employment opportunities for students, customized curricular units, seminars, workshops, and postgraduate courses. NOKIA also sponsors awards for high-achieving students in relevant courses, fostering academic-business collaboration and elevating NOVA IMS's standing as a leading institution in Data Science and Information Management.

Manuela Aparício Honored with Diana Award in 2023 image

Manuela Aparício Honored with Diana Award in 2023

Manuela Aparício, Associate Dean for Education at NOVA IMS, has received the prestigious 2023 Diana Award at the 41st ACM International Conference on Design of Communication, recently held in Orlando, Florida. This international recognition conferred by the Association for Computer and Machinery celebrates Manuela Aparício's long-term dedication to the field of communication design.

NOVA IMS welcomes Mozambique's Ministry of Finance image

NOVA IMS welcomes Mozambique's Ministry of Finance

NOVA IMS hosted a delegation from the Ministry of Finance of Mozambique to explore potential collaborations. The delegation was welcomed by Guilherme Victorino, Sub-Director of NOVA IMS for Value Creation, and José Carlos Caiado, Coordinator of the Health & Analytics Lab. The meeting showcased case studies from NOVA IMS projects and included a visit to the Nova Cidade - Urban Analytics Lab, fostering the exploration of joint initiatives.

NOVA IMS and ESRI: Smart and Sustainable Cities image

NOVA IMS and ESRI: Smart and Sustainable Cities

ESRI, a leading global GIS technology company, gathered Portuguese municipalities, universities, and businesses to explore technology's role in creating smarter, more sustainable cities. An exemplary showcase is the Smart Region project, an integrated analytical platform for territorial intelligence developed by NOVA Cidade - Urban Analytics Lab. This project, recently honored with the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award in the U.S., surpassing 100,000 competitors, was presented by Miguel de Castro Neto, Dean of NOVA IMS and founder and coordinator of NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab. In an interview with TVI, he discusses how modern technologies, analytical capabilities, and generative artificial intelligence contribute to territorial cohesion.

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Knowledge beyond borders - Delegation of Slovakia image

Knowledge beyond borders - Delegation of Slovakia

As a frontrunner in data analytics, NOVA IMS welcomed a delegation of Slovakian policymakers and smart city experts. The gathering served as an invaluable platform for knowledge and experience sharing, emphasizing the research and best practices cultivated by the NOVA Innovation & Analytics Lab and NOVA Cidade: Urban Analytics Lab. This global knowledge exchange underscores NOVA IMS's dedication to enhancing cities' intelligence and prosperity globally, employing their expertise to drive positive change within the communities they serve.

Global education exchange at NOVA IMS image

Global education exchange at NOVA IMS

NOVA IMS, a dynamic community comprising more than 3,700 students from 100 different nationalities, was honored to host international counselors from Morocco, the USA, Tanzania, and the global Aga Khan Schools community. This event is a crucial component of the SUPERNOVA program, which plays an instrumental role in supporting students from diverse backgrounds as they transition into the European education system.

Join NOVA IMS' Whatsapp Channel!  image

Join NOVA IMS' Whatsapp Channel!

NOVA IMS has now an official WhatsApp channel! Stay in the loop with the latest updates on events, services, program information, and much more. Join us on this journey to stay informed about everything taking place in our academic community!

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Global Program: New York

Join us for an extraordinary one-week global experience in the heart of New York City, where you'll delve into the realms of innovation, business, and culture. This immersive journey offers unique insights into the worlds of technology and culture, providing an incredible opportunity for learning and personal growth.

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Data Journalism Conference

In the age of misinformation, data journalism is key to unveiling the truth. The JOULE project, a collaborative European initiative, is leading the way by designing, developing, and testing a comprehensive curriculum in Data Journalism. As a proud partner in the consortium spanning five countries, NOVA IMS contributes to this effort, helping to set the stage for data-driven, informed reporting.

Join us for the JOULE Data Journalism Conference at NOVA IMS, Auditorium INE, on November 10th, starting at 09:00. Don't miss out!


NOVA IMS' 34th Anniversary! 

Join us in celebrating NOVA IMS' 34th Anniversary on November 30th! This special occasion isn't just about our institution; it's a collective celebration of our NOVA IMS community, a testament to our shared achievements, and a moment of immense pride. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting day.