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Teaching Staff


Tiago H. Moreira de Oliveira has a Master Degree in Land Management and Urban Planning, and a degree in Geography and Territorial Planning. His Master thesis was related with the implementation and development of a Geographic Information System at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, in the context of the Aging Observatory.

After the work experience at the Centro de Estudos Geográficos and Santa Casa da Misericordia of Lisbon, since, 2010, became the Executive Coordinator for I&D national and international Projects in NOVA IMS (LabNT).

His role as executive coordinator of this research department led him to participate in research and innovation projects that, for example, promote the conception, development and implementation of GIS for management, integration and analysis. His knowledge and expertise in GIS and Project Management allowed him to coordinate Projects plan and assign tasks to the project’s team prepare new proposals write scientific articles, and also contribute in GIS consulting areas.

In the same institution plays the role of Coordinator in the GIS & Science master course (, and as a member of the UNIGIS International Network, which is associated to this master course. Since he has expertise in e-learning Platforms, he’s a relevant asset in the programming of the course and its schedule the design, maintenance and implementation of the e-learning Platform, and also by monitoring and following the students during the course.

Since 2010 became a assistant in teaching the courses of Geographic Information Systems and Science at NOVA IMS.

Scientific Publications

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Oliveira, T. H. M., & Painho, M. (2015)

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