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Maria Helena Baptista was awarded the PhD in Statistics and Econometrics in 2016 by NOVA Information Management School of Nova University of Lisbon, the MSc degree in Statistics and Information Management by the same Faculty and the bachelor degree in Financial Control in 1994 by Superior Institute of accounting and administration of Lisbon. Currently is invited lecturer in NOVAIMS. During her career published articles in scientific journals, participated as a researcher in R&D project(s). For the last 4 years, has been an invited lecturer in Nova IMS, where she has taught data analysis and forecasting methods. Works in the areas of statistics and data science with an emphasis on disease mapping. Her professional activities include modelling commercial data for a large multinational US company in the pharmaceutical market, developing statistical models to measure impact of commercial activities on drug prescriptions, in several countries, including European countries, USA and Japan. 

Scientific Publications

Mendes, J. M., Baptista, H., Oliveira, A., Jardim, B., & De Castro Neto, M. (2022)

Beyond comorbidities, sex and age have no effect on COVID-19 health care demand. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-12. [7356].

Baptista, H., Congdon, P., Mendes, J. M., Rodrigues, A. M., Canhão, H., & Dias, S. S. (2020)

Disease mapping models for data with weak spatial dependence or spatial discontinuities. Epidemiologic Methods, 9(1), [20190025].

Baptista, H., Mendes, J., & Congdon, P. (2018)

Comparing two models for disease mapping data not varying systematically in space. In METMA 9: Book of Extended Abstracts (pp. 68-71). [METMA IX, 9th  Workshop on spatio-temporal modeling, 13-15 june, 2018, Montepellier, France].

Baptista, H., Mendes, J. M., MacNab, Y. C., Xavier, M., & Caldas-de-Almeida, J. (2016)

A Gaussian random field model for similarity-based smoothing in Bayesian disease mapping. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 25(4), 1166-1184. doi: 10.1177/0962280216660407

Baptista, H., Mendes, J. M., de Almeida, J. C., & Xavier, M. (2015)

Alcohol abuse disorder prevalence and its distribution across Portugal. A disease mapping approach. Revstat-Statistical Journal, 13(1), 79-101.