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Agricultural Engineer, consultant and researcher in the area of ​​information systems and geo-informatics applied to territories, agriculture and forestry. He graduated in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Évora, where he participated in several research projects in the Department of Rural Engineering of the same institution. Later extended his skills as a professional manager and consultant in various companies, where he gained extensive practical experience over the years working mainly in applied research and development of solutions in information management, applied GIS systems, robotics, agronomic consultancy, rural appraisal, and precision farming. He completed a Master's Degree in Science and Geographic Information Systems and a PhD in Information Management – ​​Geo-informatics at NOVA IMS Information Management School, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa were he is currently a guest lecturer, researcher and Chief Operating Officer of the Nova Cidade Urban Analytics Lab, a laboratory dedicated to urban and territorial intelligence.

Scientific Publications

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Barriguinha, A., Cabral, P., & Neto, M. C. (2011)

Sistemas de informação geográfica distribuídos em gestão florestal: uma aplicação prática à realidade Portuguesa com base em software livre. Paper apresentado na 6ª Conferência Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação, Chaves.