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Teaching Staff


Gracinda Rita Guerreiro is an Assistant Professor at FCT NOVA. Lectures on Curricular Units in the areas of Finance, Life and Non-Life Actuary, Pension Funds, Probabilities and Statistics and Stochastic Processes. She has been a Guest Professor at NOVA IMS since 2017. Member of the Center for Mathematics and Applications of FCT NOVA, she has been researching in the areas of Statistics and Actuary, focusing his research in recent years on models applicable to Auto Insurance, Long Term Care and Credit Risk. She is a member of the Institute of Portuguese Actuaries.

Scientific Publications

Clemente, C., Guerreiro, G. R., & Bravo, J. M. (2023)

Modelling Motor Insurance Claim Frequency and Severity Using Gradient Boosting. Risks, 11(9), 1-20. [163].