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João Fonseca is an invited professor and PhD Candidate at NOVA Information Management School. He is working with Prof. Fernando Bação on synthetic data generation, active learning, and data preprocessing methods. Specifically, his research focuses on improving the quality of Land Use/Land Cover classification tasks through the application of these data preprocessing methods. João Fonseca's research is funded by an MIT Portugal PhD Grant (2020 FCT-MPP2030).
In the past, João Fonseca conducted research on Land Use/Land Cover classification methods to automatically update LULC maps of the Portuguese mainland. His work included the development of pipelines to systematize the preprocessing of Sentinel-2 satellite imagery for any given period. He also developed and deployed different types of algorithms for various tasks, such as data filtering, dimensionality reduction, feature extraction, and classification.

Scientific Publications

Fonseca, J., & Bação, F. (2022)

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Fonseca, J., Douzas, G., & Bacao, F. (2021)

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Fonseca, J., Douzas, G., & Bacao, F. (2021)

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Douzas, G., Bacao, F., Fonseca, J., & Khudinyan, M. (2019)

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