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Jorge Nelson Neves has a degree in Decision Systems Engineering and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at NOVA Information Management School at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Previously, he was Senior Manager at Novabase (NBA.LS), where he led the Geographic Information Systems Practice and the Tactical Intelligence unit of the Business Intelligence Practice. He founded several IT companies, namely Imersiva, a Portuguese start-up later acquired by Novabase. He was Director of the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the Faculty of Science and Technology and researcher at INESC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering and UNINOVA - Institute for the Development of New Technologies, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. His research interests include various topics related to information systems, namely, spatial databases, human machine interfaces, knowledge management systems and decision support systems. In these areas, he developed some R&D projects, namely Portugal Digital and GEOCID, both winners of the Descartes award from the National Institute of Administration and the Institute of Informatics.