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Teaching Staff


She has a degree in Information Systems by Universidade NOVA de Lisboa - NOVA IMS, with a semester of exchange in Argentina in the area of Computing. Always showing commitment and dedication for her studies, she was recognized with merit awards throughout the course.
At the moment, she is finishing the master's degree in Data Science and Advanced Analytics, major in Data Science.

Scientific Publications

Henriques, R., Oliveira, L., Santos, R., & Albuquerque, C. (2023)

Implementing Team-Based Learning In Data Science Education: Enhancing Student Satisfaction And Performance. In L. Gómez Chova, C. González Martínez, & J. Lees (Eds.), 15th  International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies July 3rd  -5th  , 2023 Palma, Spain (pp. 6720-6729). (EDULEARN23 Proceedings; No. 2023). IATED Academy.