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Susana Martins Marques got a Master’s in Geographical Information Systems and Science at Nova Information Management School, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She has a background in Environmental Engineering and her research interests are Hydrology, Ecosystem Services and Geographical Information Systems. Taught for two years, in Nova IMS, Geospatial Intelligence. Susana worked on a few ERASMUS+ joint research projects related to Data Literacy and Data Journalism, e.g., DATALIT (Data Literacy at the interface of higher education and business) and JOULE (Data Journalism Courses for Higher Education). Recently, Susana started working on a project called WEBJOU (Western Balkan higher educational courses in data journalism), related to data journalism and directed to the Western Balkan geographical area. One of her current goals is to close the gap between data users and non-users, through effective communication and data storytelling, in order to make information easily comprehensible.