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NOVA IMS Excellence Challenge

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NOVA IMS Excellence Challenge

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NOVA IMS Excellence Challenge

The "NOVA IMS Excellence Challenge" project, aimed at implementing an excellence model that will allow the dematerialization of NOVA IMS' internal procedures, to optimize its operation, to identify and improve the internal work processes and make a set of tools available that will support the modernization and training process.


This operation will contribute to the simplification and dematerialization of processes and strengthen the institution's focus on training aspects, enabling it to leverage its competitive advantages.

The "NOVA IMS Excellence Challenge" project will promote the qualification of the service provided by NOVA IMS through the capacity building and improvement of services in the following areas of action:

  • Promote teaching, research, and development of excellence in the areas of information management and information systems;
  • Provide highly qualified education to more than 1500 students, 25% of whom are international;
  • Regularly analyse the performance of its processes and the impact on customers, in particular with regard to their satisfaction, in order to trigger actions aimed at the continuous improvement of the performance of the services provided and the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided;
  • Develop management methods based on the autonomy, responsibility and mutual respect of stakeholders;
  • Implement a global external communication strategy that allows a closer approach to students and potential students;
  • Implement a service of excellence that will allow a high standard of quality, efficiency and speed, and lower cost;
  • Provide a service of excellence with a view to the loyalty of students and attracting new students.


With the implementation of the new tool, we intend to ensure perfect integration of the available online services with the back-office tools, allowing that when a particular form/request is submitted, it will be automatically recorded in the document management and the workflow treatment that is associated with will start immediately.

In terms of online services, we intend to optimise the current solution, allowing:

At the NOVA IMS level, ensure:

  • Direct integration with the document management platform at registration and workflow level when submitting each request;
  • Possibility of configuring the phase associated with the processing of each application, which will allow providing information to the applicant on the status of their process;
  • Transfer box functionality, which will allow NOVA IMS to send documentation to the applicant;
  • Allow the availability of requests/requests according to the users' profile.

At the Applicant level, ensure:

  • Submission of applications/requests as well as relevants attachments;
  • Possibility to follow up your request, i.e. to know the status of your request at any time;
  • Possibility of associating a new document to an existing request, after submission;
  • Access to documents provided by the NOVA IMS services from its reserved area.

Financial Support

Financial support from the European Union in Euros Total cost in Euros
€417.807,87 €733.639,81
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