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International Bachelor's Student

Welcome to NOVA IMS: The ideal destination for your international experience!

NOVA IMS offers international students an excellent education that prepares them to meet the challenges of the global marketplace. The programs are designed to provide a solid foundation in their areas of specialization, combining theory and practice to ensure a consolidated learning experience.

Each year we welcome students from diverse backgrounds and origins and currently have students from 100 different nationalities, ensuring a truly global learning environment!

Apply for a Bachelor's Degree at NOVA IMS and be part of an enriching educational experience driven by innovation and cultural diversity!

The 3rd call for applications under the International Students status will be open between May 15th and June 12th, 2024. To apply, click here.

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  • 100% Employment Rate */**
  • 1.394 Average monthly salary of bachelor*
  • +600 Job offers received annually*
  • +3800 Students
  • 100 Different Nationalities
    of Students
  • 29% International
  • 12% International

* Independent ObipNOVA 2019 report on NOVA IMS graduates. ** Employment rate measured according to active graduates.

International Student Access and Admission

Who Can Apply?

The present call for applications for NOVA IMS degrees, under the Statute of the International Student, is aimed at students who do not have Portuguese nationality and are not nationals of any EU Member countries.

The following cases are not eligible:

  • Legal residents of Portugal who have been such for over two years uninterruptedly on August 31st of the year they wish to enroll in an undergraduate degree. The same applies if their children have been legal residents of Portugal for the same period;
  • Foreign students currently attending NOVA IMS as part of an international exchange program to carry out part of a study cycle in a foreign higher education institution with which NOVA IMS has established an exchange agreement, for this specific purpose;
  • Those who require access to higher education through the special arrangements for access and entry regulated by Decree-Law No. 393/99, of October 2nd, as amended by Decree-Law No. 272/2009 of October 1st.

Results of the 1st Phase of the Special Access and Entry Competition for International Students | Academic Year 2024/2025 - Degree in Information Management, Degree in Data Science and Degree in Information Systems - Consult the Notice here.

Results of the 2nd Phase of the Special Access and Entry Competition for International Students | Academic Year 2024/2025 - Degree in Information Management, Degree in Data Science and Degree in Information Systems -Consult the Notice here.

Bachelor's Degrees image

Bachelor's Degrees

Studying at NOVA IMS is an investment in a personalized teaching strategy of excellence that opens doors to a constantly evolving future in an increasingly competitive job market in the fields of Management, Data Science and Information Systems and Technologies.

The bachelor program is divided into three areas: Data Science, Information Management, and Information Systems.

To learn more about the experience of studying at NOVA IMS, visit the pages of each program and discover why we are the first choice of so many students for bachelor's degrees.

Data Science image

Data Science

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are two of the main drivers of economic and social development and are at the basis of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Data Science Degree aims to strengthen the intermediate step between data collection and decision making based on them.

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Information Management image

Information Management

In today's world, business is becoming increasingly complex. Organizations deal with massive amounts of data from many sources daily. This reality causes a high demand for professionals with Information Management skills who are able to use the latest analytical techniques and tools to support decision making.

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Information Systems image

Information Systems

This bachelor's degree is designed to provide students with the skills to analyze, design, and implement Information Systems, and to make the connection between the various business disciplines and the field of information systems.

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Application process

Once you have verified that you are eligible to apply for a degree program at NOVA IMS, you do so online by filling out a form and uploading the documents required for your application.

  • See the Call for Applications announcement (in portuguese). [Here]
  • Online Application through the applications form. [Portal]
  • 3rd application phase: May 15th to June 12th, 2024.

Required Documents:

  1. Photocopy of personal identification document or passport, which expressly sets out the applicant's nationality;
  2. Declaration, under oath, that the applicant is not covered by any of the points listed in Article 2, paragraph 2; [Download]
  3. Photocopy of diplomas/education certificates/training, namely the qualification giving access to higher education in the country of origin and the Portuguese high school education or equivalent qualification;
  4. Photocopy of proof of proficiency in the language of instruction must be provided;
  5. Certificate of residence issued by the country where the applicant currently resides.
Note: Until the enrollment period, the documents referred at points 3) and 4) of nº 2 must be recognized by a diplomatic authority or portuguese consulate or with the affixing of the Hague Apostille by the State Entity where the document was issued or other certification of authenticity of the diploma, and if they are not issued in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, they must be translated into Portuguese or English.

Conditions and Regulations

  • Entry Requirements

    To be accepted in an undergraduate degree at NOVA IMS, students must fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Written exam on the subjects of the entry assessment to undergraduate degrees (Mathematics);
      • The subject of the written exam will be announced when the public notice of the opening applications is released. [Here]
    2. Proof of proficiency in Portuguese and/or English (depending on the language in which the course is taught), in written and/or oral form (minimum access level: B2 according to CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages);
      • The following are exempt from the Portuguese language test: holders of courses obtained in countries where Portuguese is the official language, who are candidates for courses taught in Portuguese;
      • Students who only have an intermediate level of knowledge of Portuguese and/or English (B1 level, according to CEFR) are eligible to apply, if they commit to attending an annual Universidade Nova de Lisboa language course or at another entity recognized as competent by the Dean of NOVA IMS. The costs of registration and attendance are of the responsibility of the students;
    3. Interview (ZOOM) with the program coordinator.
  • Registration and Enrollment

    1. Admitted applicants must carry out their registration and enrollment within the deadlines and specific conditions set out in the schedule applicable to this call for applications;
    2. When an applicant fails to register and enroll within the stipulated period, the next applicants on the admission list will be called in their place;
    3. In addition to the specificities of the international student status, students are subject to the internal regulations in force at NOVA IMS.
  • Call for Applications Regulation and Applicable Legislation

    The information on this page does not exempt the consultation of the legislation ruling this special call for applications for access and entry to 1st cycles of study of this School, Decree-Law No. 36/2014, of March 10th, amended by Decree-Law No. 113/2014, of July 16th, and Decree-Law No. 62/2018, of August 6th, as well as the Internal Regulation of NOVA IMS for this call.

Terms and Payments

  • Application Deadlines

    Academic year 2024-2025

    Applications are made exclusively online through: Applications Portal - NOVA IMS (

    • Call for applications: from May 15th to June 12th, 2024;
    • Written English exam (online) - just for applicants who didn’t present B2 First Certificate or FCE; IELTS higher than 5.5 or TOEFL higher than 72: June 18th, 2024;
    • Written math exam (online): June 19th, 2024;
    • Interview with the program coordinator (ZOOM): June 20th, 2024;
    • Final classification and ranking of candidates: Mention on the article 8th of the International Student Regulation at NOVA IMS;
    • Deadline for Disclosure and Communication of Results: June 24th, 2024;
    • Date for complaint about the application results: until July 1st, 2024;
    • Registration and enrollment: Beginning of September 2024.
    • Starting Date of Classes: September 2024.
  • Admissions and Fees

    Application Fee

    The fee of the application is €70. The application can only be considered after the payment of the application fee, within the stipulated period, non-refundable in case of withdrawal or non-admission in the program.

    Registration Fee

    Once admitted to the course and upon confirmation of admission, students are required to make a pre-registration payment (approximately 1 week after the admission result is announced) of €3,000, which is deducted from the tuition fee and is non-refundable in the event of withdrawal.

  • Tuition Fees and Forms of Payment

    Academic Year 2024-2025

    • Full payment: €7.500/year (includes registration costs and annual school insurance).

    • Payment in 5 installments:
      • 1st installment: September 1st to 8th, 2024: €1.500;
      • 2nd installment: November 1st to 8th, 2024: €1.500;
      • 3rd installment: January 1st to 8th, 2025: €1.500;
      • 4th installment: March 1st to 8th, 2025: €1.500;
      • 5th installment: May 1st to 8th, 2025: €1.500

Choose based on data

  • 60% of the population in Lisbon
    speaks English
  • city break
    from Europe*
  • european seaside
    motropolis destination*
  • safest country
    in the World
  • 850 kms of coastline
  • +4000 sunny hours

* The awards for "Europe's 1st City Break" and "Europe's 1st Seaside Metropolitan Destination" refer to the World Travel Awards, 2022.

Laura Hollfelder
Home University: Neu-Ulm University | Faculty: Information Management
Marisa Nunes
Data & Operations at & Lecturer at NOVA IMS
Tadeu Strutynskyy
2nd  year Bachelor's Degree Student
Lea Theresa Müller
Home-University: HNU University of applied Sciences Neu-Ulm, Germany Faculty: Business and Economics
Carolina Braziel Shaul
3rd  Bachelor’s Degree Student
Maria João Marques
Data Science & Analytics Consultant | IBM
Miguel Santos
Azure Support Engineer | Microsoft
Catarina Matos
Marketing Automation and Strategy | Goldenergy
Constança Rodrigues
Digital Marketing & Company's Culture | DareData Engineering
Ilona Nacu
3rd  year Bachelor's Degree Student
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Looking back after five months in Lisbon, I am very happy that I have decided to do an Erasmus. The time was full of great experiences and encounters with people from all over the world. Furthermore, the partner university NOVA IMS has supported me very much during the whole stay.
The well-implemented face-to-face classes helped to improve my personal skills and academic knowledge. Getting out of my comfort zone let me face new challenges and made me develop the skills to solve problems on my own. At NOVA IMS I had the possibility to choose from a broad range of courses and deepen my knowledge especially in areas of information management.
Lisbon as a city is incredibly versatile and you have the opportunity to make many excursions nearby. I would definitely recommend Lisbon and the University NOVA IMS for an Erasmus!
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The Information Systems and Technologies course at NOVA IMS allowed me to be immersed in an extremely dynamic and constantly evolving environment, which gave me the opportunity to always be in touch with the latest technologies and trends in the technological sector. The course values and encourages innovation, and has a strong and enriching practical component, which distinguishes it for its pedagogical excellence and proximity to the labor market. It was undoubtedly the best choice to boost and succeed in my professional career.
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The Information Management degree at NOVA IMS is an excellent choice for those interested in management and technology. This course manages to effectively combine these two areas and prepares students for the challenges of the job market. With a strong practical component, the program not only provides a solid theoretical foundation, but also prepares students for real-world applications in the professional world. The high employability rate reflects the value and relevance of this course in today's business environment.
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I had a great experience, spending my Erasmus at NOVA IMS in Lisbon. Due to the warm welcome and great effort from the Erasmus Office but also the Academic Service Team, I quickly settled into studying at NOVA IMS. I really appreciated that courses were taught in presence as that helped a lot with getting in touch with other students and experiencing the student life at NOVA IMS. All teachers were very helpful and did their best to impart sustainable knowledge to students. That included theoretical class but also practical projects that help to transfer the content into real world. The atmosphere at NOVA IMS is family and everyone from teacher to staff to students helps you to have the best experience.
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I can assure you that the bachelor’s degree in Data Science at NOVA IMS is incredibly useful and enriching. In addition to being extremely practical, the teachers are always available to help, prioritizing the interaction and interest of the students.
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Graduating in Information Management from NOVA IMS was the culmination of a path that gave me the essential tools to successfully start my professional career. With the possibility of using the knowledge acquired in the industry we are most passionate about, having a depth knowledge in various topics in the world of Data and Information Technologies - such as Statistics, Marketing, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence, complemented with Programming in several languages ​​- is essential to match what the job market is today. It is also at NOVA IMS that students recognize a teaching of excellence, guided by the proximity between teachers and students, and the mutual help between colleagues, essential for 3 years (and a future) of successes.
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During my undergraduate degree course, I managed to acquire skills that fit current business requirements, because, in addition to the excellence that NOVA IMS accustomed and instilled in us, we also developed strong technical and soft skills that place us in an excellent market position. Studying at NOVA IMS is to represent a faculty at the forefront of technological development, which challenges itself every day to provide its students with excellent teaching, focused on research and innovation. In addition to the academic component, the environment we live in is of great proximity between colleagues and teachers, so it is a familiar environment, which at the moment remains part of my daily life as I am attending the Master Degree Program in Information Management with a specialization in Marketing Intelligence.
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NOVA IMS allowed me to make not just "one" choice. Today I see that no other course could have given me the tools to be able to move in the technological future. Thanks to the comprehensive training provided by NOVA IMS, I am able to talk about marketing, programming, and management, with professionals from other areas. To be a NOVA IMS student is to be a professional " technological polyglot." These are the characteristics, developed by the rigor and excellence with which we are taught, by which the business market opens the doors not only at the end but also during the course. Studying at NOVA IMS is to complete the course surrounded by great friends, intelligent and innovative knowledge, and a second home forever.
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NOVA IMS is a prestigious university, excelling in excellence and rigor in teaching. By choosing Information Management, I intended to combine the best of two worlds: the business component and the technological one. I am sure that, at the end of my degree, I will be equipped not only with the technical competences but also with the soft skills necessary to face the current job market with immeasurable advantage, eventually joining a renowned company.
Besides being a faculty focused on constant innovation and evolution, the family atmosphere, the companionship and the close relationship with the professors are unique factors at NOVA IMS that assure me that I made the right choice.
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The Data Science Degree is perfect for those looking for a mix of programming, mathematics and statistics, all in ideal amounts. The course is practical and hands-on, showing us what it will be like to work in the real market, introducing us to current topics and delving into different domains as the degree progresses. The project topics are diverse, showing us how versatile our field really can be. The faculty is up to date with the latest trends and news in the industry and is available for questions and suggestions. Although I've been satisfied with the degree since the beginning of my academic career, the course has managed to capture me more and more over the semesters.